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Would you like to see the Broncos trade up into the first or second rounds?

There have been rumors about the Denver Broncos potentially moving a wide receiver to get back into the first two rounds. Do you want to see it happen?

NFL Combine Photo by Justin Casterline/Getty Images

The 2023 NFL Draft is fast approaching and we have a quick poll for Broncos Country today that we’ll share the results of on Thursday ahead of the big event. The question we are asking is whether or not you think the Denver Broncos should trade up into the first or second rounds.

Given their lack of draft capital, this trade would likely need to involve one of the two rumored players they took calls over: Jerry Jeudy and/or Courtland Sutton. I believe the asking price for Jeudy is a first round pick, while Sutton likely involves a second round asking price.

Do you think the Broncos should make a deal and get some extra draft picks? Vote below and discuss in the comments section. We’ll get the graphic and results on draft day!

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