What is your nightmare scenario for AFC West foes drafts?

The Broncos need to get an A+ with their 2023 draft assets.

What would an A+ look like for each of our AFC West foes?

I'll just focus on the first round for this exercise. Here's my worst case scenario from our perspective:

1. KC trades their first, second and fourth round picks to the Jets and land either Jackson Smith-Njigba or Zay Flowers. Oh God. Please no.

2. Raiders draft AR-15. I just have a bad feeling about this guy. If he continues his development trajectory, he's going to be an absolute beast, a cross between Josh Allen and Lamar Jackson.

3. Chargers land Bijan Robinson and trade Ekler for extra draft ammo. I just don't want Derrick Henry 2.0 (with better receiving skills) in our division.

What about you?

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