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Drew Sanders highlights

Here are some highlights of Denver Broncos third-round pick, Drew Sanders

The Denver Broncos draft class is throwing me for a loop. Every need I thought was a need turned out to be not a position George Paton and Sean Payton targeted on Day 2. When they drafted Arkansas linebacker Drew Sanders, I was in full RB-bro mode. Then I started to watch these highlights and I started to see the possibilities of adding this kid to the defense.

It’s been a long time since we’ve had a strong coverage linebacker who can also get after the quarterback on blitzes. Sanders seems to bring a lot of smarts and quickness. Could he be the Travis Kelce neutralizer? I sure hope he can, because I’ve over Kelce’s nonsense.

He flies all over the field and diagnoses plays quickly and accurately. He should be fun in the NFL.

What do you think of the Broncos third-round pick of Drew Sanders? Let’s discuss below!