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Riley Moss highlights

The Denver Broncos moved up into the third-round to pick defensive back Riley Moss. Here are his college highlights.

The Denver Broncos gave up a lot to move back into the third-round of the 2023 NFL Draft to select Iowa defensive back Riley Moss. They gave the Seattle Seahawks their 2023 fourth-round pick and their 2024 third-round pick for this move. Is Moss going to be worth all that draft capital?

After watching some of Riley Moss, the distinction has to be that he’ll be a defensive back or safety at the NFL level more than a full-time cornerback. In fact, he could be a bit of a chess piece in various defensive formations and situations if he develops enough to earn that playing time.

What did you think of this draft pick? I didn’t like how much Denver gave up to make the move, but they clearly loved this kid enough to essentially spend two draft picks on him tonight. I look forward to seeing how he works out at the NFL level.