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Analysts absolutely LOVE the Broncos Day 2 draft picks

If you like to see national pundits praise the Denver Broncos for their draft picks, then you’ve come to the right place.

NCAA Football: Baylor at Oklahoma Chris Jones-USA TODAY Sports

Before heading off the bed tonight, I decided to take a peak around the national media to see how they were grading the Day 2 selections by the Denver Broncos. I was pleasantly surprised to find them heaping praise on the picks.

Heading into Day 2, I had my attention focused entirely on running backs, tight ends, and centers. With a cornerback there too. The draft went in a completely different direction, but even then I came away very pleased with the picks overall.

Getting into the draft grades, Pro Football Network called the Broncos’ moves the best draft for Day 2.

The love didn’t stop there. Let’s pull in some of the grades given out for the Broncos picks on Day 2.

DK Nation

No. 63 Denver Broncos: Marvin Mims, WR, Oklahoma

Grade: A

Mims is a speedster with a 4.38 40-yard dash, but has traits other than speed that make him a strong prospect. His 183 pound frame likely kept teams from grabbing him earlier, but he’s a special player if given the opportunity.

No. 67 Denver Broncos: Drew Sanders, LB, Arkansas

Grade: A

Sanders is new to the linebacker position, so it’s tough to get a solid read how much more he can develop. But, he has good technique and athletic ability. He’s likely going to need to bulk up some, but he has the traits to outplay his draft spot by a mile.

No. 83 Denver Broncos: Riley Moss, CB, Iowa

Grade: B

Moss has the tenacity and athleticism to make it in the NFL, but he’ll likely need to move to safety at some point. He won’t be able to hang with strong NFL route runners, but should excel in zone coverage.

CBS Sports - Round 2

63. Broncos: Marvin Mims, WR, Oklahoma

Grade: B+

Produced in wide open Oklahoma offense but has serious juice at all three levels. Will win vertically on speed alone at the next level. YAC is good, not great. Fun addition to the offense. Was this biggest need?

CBS Sports - Round 3

67. Broncos: Drew Sanders, LB, Arkansas

Grade: A

If deployed in a Micah Parsons-role, he can be special. Major instinct/tackling issues as classic off-ball linebacker. Length and athleticism for days. Fun pick with major upside.

83. Broncos: Riley Moss, CB, Iowa

Grade: A

Adore this player. Hyper-twitchy. Instinctive. Ball skills are awesome. Fast too. Super experienced. Overachiever. Some misses on film. Older prospect.

Pro Football Network

Round 3, Pick 63
Marvin Mims, WR, Oklahoma
Grade: A-

Round 3, Pick 67
Drew Sanders, LB, Arkansas
Grade: A+

Round 3, Pick 83
Riley Moss, CB, Iowa
Grade: B-

Sporting News

63. Denver Broncos (from Lions through Chiefs): Marvin Mims, WR, Oklahoma

Grade: C

Mims is a strange reach for a third-round prospect here after trading up, especially with the Broncos still having Courtland Sutton, Jerry Jeudy and Tim Patrick, bringing up whether they are ready to move one of the first two soon. At least Mims is different from the rest as a dual big-play threat, both stretching the field and shooting downfield after the catch.

67. Denver Broncos (from Colts): Drew Sanders, LB, Arkansas

Grade: A+

The Broncos make a terrific pick to fill a need with a disruptive upfield linebacker with solid run-stopping and rare pass-rushing skills. Sanders had the talent to be a late first-rounder.

83. Denver Broncos (from Seahawks): Riley Moss, CB, Iowa

Grade: B

The Broncos needed some good cornerback depth behind Pat Surtain II in Moss, who gives them a nice combination of smarts, size and strengths to make plays on the ball, inside or outside. He also can play safety.

SB Nation

63. Denver Broncos [TRADE]: Marvin Mims Jr., WR, Oklahoma

Grade: B-

Mims has capital J Juice. He can get down the field in a hurry and runs a variety of routes downfield. He’ll open up the offense a lot, and could signal that KJ Hamler is on the way out.

67. Denver Broncos: Drew Sanders, LB, Arkansas

Grade: B+

This one feels interesting. I never bought the Drew Sanders first round hype, but this feels like a good range for him. He can rush the passer and fill runs going laterally, so his usage should be fun to watch.

83. Denver Broncos: Riley Moss, CB, Iowa

Grade: C+

Moss is an interesting player. Some viewed him as a safety, but he’ll most likely play corner. He’s instinctive and productive, but I wonder about his change of direction to play corner. He’ll be nice depth in Denver.