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2023 NFL Draft: RAS for the Broncos three day two selections

A look at the RAS of the Denver Broncos three day two selections.

Oklahoma v Texas Tech Photo by John E. Moore III/Getty Images

You might be asking, what exactly does RAS mean? Well, RAS stands for “Relative Athletic Score” which is an analytic that combines a prospect’s measurables (height, weight, 40 times, and other athletic/agility times) and puts them on a 0-to-10 scale alongside other players at the same position.

In the past, the Denver Broncos have drafted athletes with high RAS’s, so did that continue this year with Sean Payton now the head coach?

Second Round, 63rd overall: WR Marvin Mims Jr.

RAS: 9.41

Size Grade: Poor

Explosion Grade: Elite

Speed Grade: Elite

Broncos wide receiver Marvin Mims Jr. RAS ranks 183rd out of 3,062 eligible receivers from the years 1987 to the present day.

The only negative that Mims has is his size. At 5’11, 183 pounds, he is a tad smaller than your average receiver, but his speed and explosion certainly make up for his lack of size. His explosion and speed are what really bring up his RAS. He ran an impressive 4.38 40-time while having a 39.5-inch vertical. These two testing numbers showcase his speed and explosion.

For the Broncos, Mims Jr. will serve as a slot receiver and deep threat who will also contribute as a kick returner. With quarterback Russell Wilson known for his deep ball and head coach Sean Payton scheming him open, I think we will see some big things out of Mims Jr, in the near future.

Third Round, 67th overall: LB Drew Sanders

RAS: 8.97

Size Grade: Good

Explosion Grade: Good

Speed Grade: Good

Agility Grade: Okay

Denver Broncos linebacker Drew Sanders ranks 275th out of 2,652 eligible linebackers from the years of 1987 to the present day.

Drew Sanders was widely considered the top off-the-ball linebacker in the draft and fell to the Broncos in the third round. What really sticks out is his height at 6’4” and his 37-inch vertical jump. Both are elite scores and showcase his lower body explosion. While his 40-yard dash of 4.66 seconds is considered good, his short area quickness both graded out as elite.

For the Broncos, he is going to play off-the-ball linebacker for them, be a core special teamer, and play outside on occasion. Veterans Josey Jewell and Alex Singleton are your starters at linebacker, but I would not be surprised to see Sanders get some playing time as well.

Third Round, 83rd overall: CB, Riley Moss

RAS: 9.68

Size Grade: Good

Explosion Grade: Great

Speed Grade: Great

Agility Grade: Great

Broncos cornerback Riley Moss ranks 72nd out of 2,222 eligible cornerbacks in RAS from the years of 1987 to the present day.

Despite getting the “white cornerback” label, Riley Moss is a very athletic player and his testing scores prove that. He has good size at 6’1” and 193 pounds and his 4.45 speed is exactly what you want from an NFL cornerback. He showcased his explosion at the combine where he had a 39-inch vertical and 10’7” vertical jump. So while some may discount him because he’s a white cornerback, he has plenty of size and athleticism to make it at cornerback in the NFL.

For the Broncos, he will add some much-needed depth at cornerback and could help the Broncos out in multiple ways in their secondary. He has top-notch ball skills, so I am excited to see him prove the doubters wrong.