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Broncos fans give team decent grades for their Day 2 picks

Over half of fans graded the Denver Broncos Day 2 picks as an A or B. A good number wasn’t as happy with the picks, though.

It’s always draft grade season during the NFL Draft and this year is no different. The Denver Broncos went into Day 2 with just two third-round picks, but ended up working the trade lines to get a second-round pick and two third-round picks. They drafted wide receiver Marvin Mims Jr, linebacker Drew Sanders, and cornerback Riley Moss.

In our SB Nation Reacts survey last night and into this morning, Broncos Country settled in on a solid “B” grade for Denver’s Day 2 draft selections.

Another 27% gave them an “A”, but surprisingly a good chunk of the fanbase just didn’t like their selections. 20% went with a “C” and the last 8% graded Denver out with a “D” or “F” grade.

Personally, I also went with the majority here. I think they drafted good players, but I came away concerned that they didn’t address the position groups I felt they needed the most help at. However, if these players work out then its all a moot concern.

The other question we ran had to do with Day 1. The Broncos have been working the trade lines for Jerry Jeudy and Courtland Sutton, but no teams are willing to meet Denver’s trade demands there. That means no trades happened and 97% of us were thankful for that, since a move into the first-round would have been far too expensive.

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