my guess at the 53

qb 2 wilson stidium

wilson is here for at least the next 3-4 seasons because his contact does not kick in utill 2024

rb J Willims perime jones jr with williams maybe being on the pup list for the first 6 weeks means a vet couild be added

FB Burton

WR Jerdy sutton patick mims callaway and 1 of hinton hamler vigil johnson

TE dulctuh manhertz trautman i think albert o is gone

LT Bollies prince

LG Powers fuller

C forsyth or cush wattenburg

rg meinerz

rt mcglinchey

other than a vet rb such as lindray or L murray we are done on off

LE Allen

NT D J Jones Puncell

RE J Harris matt h evi uhazurike i doubt DE S harris is comeing unless he wants the vet min

OLB Browning bonito

ilb jewell singletion sanders geiffth

ROLB Gregory cooper

CB PS2 D Matins k will t smith r moss mcmillian

S Simmons stens pj locke JL Skinner also K Jackson couild be back as well

K Mcmanas


LS Fraboni

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