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Broncos considered to have one of the ‘best value’ drafts from the 2023 NFL Draft

The Denver Broncos got the most bang for the buck in the 2023 NFL Draft and we have the stats to back it up.

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The Denver Broncos came into the 2023 NFL Draft will very little ammunition, but they squeezed every ounce of value out of what they did have. With their five picks, the Broncos beat expectations on several weighted measurements.

The first came from Warren Sharp who broke down the DCOE, or Draft Capital Over Expectation, which showed the Broncos ranked seventh-best in that measurement despite only have those five selections.

The other form of measurement came from Jack Lichtenstein who went by the deviation from consensus ranking. In this, the Broncos did even better ranking fourth overall on the list. Though it was a tight ranking from four to six.

Since this is “projection” season as far as guessing how any of these players will work out in the NFL, we have to go by what the consensus believes in these players. It’s always nice to be on the positive side of things from a draft class, at least this early in their playing careers. This data also backs up the love Denver received from analysts around the league for their Day 2 selections.

I’ve seen Denver on the far end of the spectrum too and those drafts tended to be pretty terrible in hindsight also, so we’ll take these small wins when we can get them!