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Introducing the 63rd pick in the 2023 NFL Draft, Marvin Mims!

WR Marvin Mims, the Broncos’ first selection of the 2023 NFL Draft, is going through so many emotions right now as he prepares to join Denver.


The Denver Broncos are excited to have welcomed THREE new players on Day 2 of the 2023 NFL Draft: WR Marvin Mims, LB Drew Sanders, and CB Riley Moss.

And the feeling is mutual. In his introductory presser, Mims shared that he considers this a “great opportunity,” noting Denver’s tradition and atmosphere.

“It’s an opportunity for me to show what I can do in front of the whole league and the whole world and what I bring to the table while being a great teammate,” he said.

Mims added that however best he fits into the offense is what he’s going to do. “I’m going to do my best every single day.”

The WR is also looking forward to working with Russell Wilson, who he described as “one of the greatest quarterbacks in the game right now.”

“With his history, his past, the quarterback he is, and him being comfortable throwing the deep ball—that’s a huge thing he does,” Mims mentioned. “Just being able to fit that role—whatever my role is when I get there—that will be a huge plus for me and a plus for the team.”

Asked about his areas of strength, Mims leaned into his versatility.

“I played both [inside and outside] about 50-50 at Oklahoma,” he said. “I feel like one of my best things is stretching the field and just making big plays out of short routes, intermediate routes, all the different stuff.”

He also sees himself contributing as a punt returner, which is a strong possibility, according to Sean Payton’s comments.

“I’ve done punt return and kick returner,” Mims said, adding that he’s been in and out of the kick return position throughout his time at Oklahoma. He has more experience with punt return, which he’s been doing since freshman year. “I’m really comfortable with it. It’s something I’ve done for three years, and I’m excited to bring that to the next level if that’s my role for the team.”

Mims will be reunited with Oklahoma teammates OLB Nik Bonitto and S Delarrin Turner-Yell.

“OU is a huge brotherhood, so just being able to play with those two again—I played with them for two years. I just talked Turner-Yell not too long ago at the spring game,” Mims said. “Just being able to reconnect with those guys. I’m also really close with Samaje Perine and his family. Being there with them, it’ll be great. I’m excited and looking forward to it.”

That the Broncos traded up to draft him is something that means a lot to Mims, who had his family, close friends, high school coach, and some teammates from Oklahoma with him. The receiver confessed that he’s going through so many emotions it’s hard to even talk about them.

“It kind of just shows how much they trusted me, what they see in me, and the possibilities,” he admitted, “You want other people to believe in you as you believe in yourself. I’m just extremely grateful for that. I’m ready to see what I can do for the Denver Broncos.”