The Reality of Every Draft and the Reality of this Draft

All like to claim winners and losers, draft grades, etc, but the reality is we won't know until three to five years down the road. But much like Christmas, there is no reason to get mad at the toys we got. The reality of this draft is that ultimately, it's success or failure will be dictated by how well or bad Russel Wilson plays in the the next 3 to 4 years. So I thought rather than give grades, just general observations.

While I think that trading up to get Mims maybe was a slight panic move, I don't necessarily hate the pick for the following reasons. The writing is on the wall that the Broncos will be moving on from Hamler (sorry but dude can't stay healthy and when healthy is limited in routes and has issues with consistency with his hands), my guess is that we also look to move on from Sutton and possibly Juedy after next season. Do I thin Juedy is talented, yes, but word of running the wrong routes and again issues with consistency catching the ball isn't doing him any favors. Did he look much better on the outside and maybe ultimately that is where he needs to be, then great. Mims looks like an ideal slot WR, and if he can work like Emanuel Sanders was inside and outside then it's a great pick. If nothing else it hopefully lights a fire in the WR room that no one is safe and everyone needs to get better. Based on Payton track record with WR development in New Orleans, I trust he has a good eye for talent. Likewise, Mims should be another deep threat for Wilson which plays to his strengths. What does concern me is that like many in this site, I think there were bigger needs that needed to be addressed and that this seemed to be somewhat of a luxury pick that we simply didn't have.

Absolutely like the Sanders pick, I get not a position or need; however, I do think it was a good value at that point. Does Sanders come in with some issues with missed tackles, yes, but typically everybody you pick in the third round has some warts. Missed tackles can be cleaned up with coaching and practice so I am not as concerned with those aspects. What I do like is someone who can cover and can attack the passer, and Sanders brings both of those aspects. Great depth piece that can possible work his way into a starting gig and should be able to contribute early in his career on ST. I didn't do much of any write ups on Sanders mainly because I really did not see him sliding past say pick 50.

Trading back to trade up, here is where it gets interesting for me and maybe a sign that Payton is sold on the idea he can fix Wilson. When we traded up to get Mims we obviously traded back with the Lions and gave up pick 68 and fell back to the 4th round with Detroit's pick. When we made the initial trade, before it was announced we selected Mims, part of me was thinking maybe the Broncos were really being bold and trading up to get Hendon Hooker out of Tennessee. I honestly thought that would be a bold move and honestly a pretty wise move (IMO). Get a player who has shown he has some great arm talent and athletic ability, but will not be ready to start and also needs some time getting up to speed as a QB, what an ideal situation for Payton to have his QB of the future ready to go after next season, it puts the push on Wilson to get better and provides a fallback plan if Wilson regresses. I don't for one instance truly think Stidham is the long-term plan, trust me, if Stidham was anything more than a backup, he wouldn't be on his third team. But alas, ironically Detroit took the opportunity and got Hooker.

The fact that Payton seems to be all in with Wilson, also was evident with trading up again to get Moss and giving up a 3rd rounder next year to get him. If the Broncos are successful as we all hope then that 3rd rounder should be in the back half of the third and probably not that big of an issue. It means they think Moss can contribute right away and I think they are likely right in that analysis. He just strikes me as a guy who plays tough all the time and doesn't get rattled/ I think he finds his way onto the field a lot and is another guy who I think helps out on ST. SO I like the pick from that standpoint. One could argue with as loaded as the DB class was this year really wasn't a need to make that trade, I think Moss is probably as ready as most of the CB/DBs in this draft to play significant snaps early this season and I think he has a pretty decent ceiling on his play. So I don't have too much of an issue moving up.

Really like the value in the Skinner pick as well, this was a guy who I got to see play some and I think he will probably be a ST demon early on, but I can see him pushing for some playing time on defense later in the year and provides a good depth piece to the Broncos.

The last pick it's hard to argue one way or another, fact is this year's draft is not a tremendously deep class. I get the pick, not expecting much but hopefully he works out and surprises us.

My other general opinion was I was somewhat surprised the Broncos did not try to move down more and pick up more picks, I get in some ways with having what many consider kind of a weaker draft class that maybe you target a few guys you think can contribute early rather than taking multiple stabs at potential diamonds in the rough. But like I said early this draft success measurement will really be how well Wilson can play and how well Payton can elevate the play of the team.

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