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What is the best move the Broncos have made this offseason?

It’s time for another fan roundtable, but this time Broncos Country talks about Denver’s biggest successes this offseason

Tony Gorman/CPR News

Welcome to the worst part of the year. Where free agency is pretty much done and the most exciting event of the entire offseason is past us. With the key parts of building a team (besides camp, of course) past us, it’s time to evaluate where the Denver Broncos stand in the eyes of the fans.

Have the Broncos done enough this offseason? What have been the best moves they have made over the last few months?

Changing the coaching staff - 58% of responses

It’s obvious that the grand majority of you are happy with the Broncos trading away their 2023 1st round pick so that they would be able to bring in a coach with decades of experience and a Super Bowl title to his name. A stark contrast to the last guy Denver had running things. So far this move has resulted in a change in organizational culture and has served as an example of what they want the team to look like moving forward. Heavy optimism exists around the newest face of the franchise.

This response also includes those that are not necessarily happy about the Broncos hiring Payton but are mostly just happy that they fired Nathaniel Hackett. Technically this didn’t happen during the offseason, but I’ll let it slide. Mostly because I’m still really happy they did this too.

Some of you also mentioned how happy you are that they cleaned house in the strength and conditioning portion of the coaching staff too. I know many of us, staff and fans alike, were worried that they were going to keep the infamous Loren Landow around.

Fixing the offensive line - 22% of responses

This category of responses includes bringing in veterans like Ben Powers and Mike McGlinchey, bringing in Oregon center Alex Forsyth through the draft, and not re-singing Dalton Risner. Clearly, the Broncos had two goals in mind as an organization this offseason: get a legitimate head coach and bolster the offensive line. They have been successful (at least on paper) so far. It’s clear that most of you understand how vital this position group is to the team’s success, and have your ideals in line with the current coaching staff. It’s been encouraging, and a little relieving, seeing Denver devote high amounts of capital to fixing the line.

The Draft - 7% of responses

Check out our recent podcast and article regarding the 2023 NFL Draft to see how Broncos Country felt.

Signing Samajae Perine - 6%

This might end up being a sneaky-good signing by the Broncos. Especially considering that it seems like people don’t actually know when Javonte Williams will be able to return to the field. For now, Perine will serve as a dynamic RB1, and should transition into serving the offense as one of the best RB2’s in the league.

Keeping the WR corps together - 4%

If you want to really see what Russell Wilson can do for your team, a good idea is to not get rid of any of his potential weapons. Not trading away Sutton or Jeudy, getting Tim Patrick back, and bringing in Marvin Mims Jr. should prove to be a solid choice made by the front office.

Kicking Russell Wilson out of his office - 2%

I should’ve guessed that some of you would’ve said this. Can’t say I disagree though.

John Elway officially retiring - 1%

Shout out to the one fan out there that gave us this answer. We all are in agreement with you. At least we all should be. Let’s just do ourselves a favor and ignore 95% of the decisions he made.