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Broncos ‘trilogy’ themed schedule release with Peyton Manning is awesome

The social media campaign by the Denver Broncos and Peyton Manning to promote the NFL’s schedule release is pretty funny.

A few weeks ago the Denver Broncos teased a trilogy themed schedule release with Peyton Manning, but in the short video it seemed like Manning wasn’t interested. It turns out, there was no escaping this event for ole Peyton.

In a series of tweets that began earlier this week, the Broncos twitter account began posting trilogy movie themed posters with Peyton Manning photoshopped and, frankly, some of them are hilariously good.

The Sheriff, Part III

The obvious play on The Godfather here.

Broncos Twitter

The Manning Ultimatum

JC, it’s Jason Borne, err, I mean Peyton Manning.

Broncos Twitter

The Lord of the Rings, The Return of the Sheriff

This one is my favorite, for obvious Super Bowl ring reasons.

Broncos Twitter

Schedule Release, Part III 2023

In an obvious Back of the Future reference, the schedule release is happening today!

Broncos Twitter

What do you think of these posters? Which one is the winner for you? Share below in the comments section.

Also, I love this day each year. A lot of people don’t find it all that interesting, but the annual schedule release is like Christmas Day for me. You’ll be seeing a lot more posts from me today and tomorrow covering all of the scheduling topics. Love it!