Edge Rusher

Just Wondering what everyone's thoughts were on the Edge Rusher Position.

The broncos seem to have a number of Candidates that have the potential to fill the needs. I was curious on each of the candidates are viewed as possible producers for the Broncos. I think this is a very important position for the defense to have success. I know that Drew Sanders could offer additional pash rush but have not seen him play. Here are my thoughts on the current players.

Randy Gregory- Obvious starter with historical injury history but when healthy can really get after the QB. Contract is healthy and could play a role in his role with the team.

Brandon Browning- real potential and could be a budding star as he starts to figure out different ways to get to the QB, A lot of untapped potential.

Nick Bonnito- very quick yet may be undersized and seems to be primarily a speed rusher.

Jonathon Cooper- Productive in limited time played. Most of his sacks came from going outside of the tackles and does not seem as strong at the point of attack.

Jacob Martin - Not sure what his capabilities are. I know that he seemed to be very active when he played for the Jets against the Broncos but don't know how he fits in. I was happy when they made the trade for him

Christopher Allen; I know the Broncos were extremely intrigued with his abilities when they signed him as an undrafted free agent. Does anyone know his progress from his Injury.

Aaron Patrick - Thought he was coming on before he got injured. Don't know what his full potential is.

Please let me know if i am completely off base with my assessments as i truly am curious as to how they are viewed especially by people that are more knowlegeable and engaged about the personell than i am. Any UDFA's with potential pash rush abilities?

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