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Fans believe quarterback is the Broncos weakest link on offense

In Russ We Trust? Not if you ask many Broncos fans. Denver needs to get the most out of Russell Wilson in 2023.

Earlier this week, I asked a series of questions of my fellow Denver Broncos fans covering the strongest and weakest position groups for both sides of the ball. I have family in town this weekend, so I’ll only be able to get these results out one at a time through Memorial Day (sorry!). Given that personal reality for me, I figured I would start things off with the most shocking and potentially the most controversial result of all four questions.

Which offensive position group is the weakest for the Broncos heading into the 2023 season? It was a close vote, but if people had known Javonte Williams would be so far ahead of schedule in his recovery then maybe it wouldn’t have been so close. The problem on offense if you ask MANY fans appears to be Russell Wilson.

Beating out running backs by 1%, the quarterback position is the one that concerns most fans. Tight end and offensive line were right there too. I personally voted offensive line, because there are so many new faces. It has the potential to be really good, but the depth is still a huge concern for me. Far more than Russell Wilson’s play.

As for Wilson, I fully expect Sean Payton to scheme greatness around him. Meaning, I expect him to run the ball heavily and play the passing game more towards Wilson’s strengths instead of asking Wilson to be Aaron Rodgers like Nathaniel Hackett had done in 2022.

What do you think of these results? Let’s discuss down in the comments section below!

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