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New Broncos Zach Allen, Mike McGlinchey get behind their new QB

The Broncos’ newly-signed defensive end and offensive tackle are rallying behind Russell Wilson early.

Zach Allen is behind Russ.

The former Arizona Cardinals DE just signed a three-year contract with the Broncos March 15, and he’s been hard at work with the team.

Per Chris Tomasson of the Denver Gazette, Allen referred to Russ as a “superstar” and “the hardest working guy in the building.”

It’s not surprising that a teammate would rally behind their starting quarterback, but everything seems to be trending in a positive direction — having Sean Payton at the helm, seeing Russell Wilson’s energized performance in OTAs, to name a few examples — and it makes the upcoming season more hopeful. I said the same last year, but last year was last year.

Payton seems to reflect Allen’s sentiments about Wilson, too, sharing on Thursday:

“These guys are doing well, and he’s picking it up—the timing and all of those things that are required. For the first five weeks, we were just lifting and running,” Payton explained, “Now we’re getting into some football activity. We are ahead of schedule on the practice. He’s picking it up good—he looks good and looks sharp.”

Mike McGlinchey, who came from the 49ers to join the Denver Broncos’ offensive line, is also handing out compliments, noting that Wilson’s “championship pedigree” does count for something.

“Putting yourself in the biggest moments and experiencing those biggest moments and what the emotions feel like and what it takes to get there is certainly something that’s incredibly valuable,” he said. “I think having that championship pedigree just trickles down to everybody else. I think there’s a blueprint on how to have success in this league, and I think the two of them [Wilson and Payton] have certainly found it. I believe I have as well. I came from a place with a lot of winning and can’t wait to start doing that trend here.”

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