Wilson ranking for 10 Wins?

Well, its the Dog Days of Summer, so news is a slow faucet drip. So, the question is simple, where does Russell Wilson need to rank in overall QB ranking for the Broncos to win 10 games? So, splitting in quarters, here are the quarters for my mythical QB rankings (no math formula, just gut feel):

-Tier One is QB ranked 1-8

-Tier Two is QB ranked 9-16

-Tier Three is QB ranked 17-24

-Tier Four is QB ranked 25+

I think this is a bit of a sneaky question if the Broncos really do leverage the running game and reduce the number of passing attempts. However, the WR room is probably the best group on the Offensive side of the ball. So, bonus question is how much will Denver rely on running game and what is the Run/Pass ratio at the end of the year?

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