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Drew Sanders is the Broncos draft pick fans are most excited about

In our most recent survey of Denver Broncos fans, they voted Drew Sanders as the draft pick they are most excited about heading into the 2023 season.

NFL: Combine Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier this week I asked you Denver Broncos fans which draft pick you were most excited about. In that SB Nation Reacts survey, they vote came out heavily in favor of one player and, ironically, it was the only player the Broncos ended up selected with one of their original picks. The rest involved a trade of one sort or another.

With that 67th pick in the third-round, they selected inside linebacker Drew Sanders out of Arkansas. 55% of Broncos fans are the most excited about him heading into this season.

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I personally voted for Marvin Mims Jr, but my second choice was JL Skinner. However, I totally get why Drew Sanders won the vote this week. He could provide something this franchise has longed for since, well, I really long time: a true coverage linebacker.

Travis Kelce is the name and that’s who we’re sick and tired of seeing twice a year. If all Sanders does is come out and neutralize the now-aging Kelce twice a year for the remainder of Kelce’s career than it was well worth the third-round pick.

So who did you vote for in this survey? Share in the comments section below. And if you didn’t vote, be sure to check back mid-week during the season. We’ll be running a weekly survey all season long. You can also Sign up here to participate in the weekly emailed surveys from SB Nation.