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Would Dalvin Cook make Broncos favorites to get back to the playoffs?

If the Broncos were to add elite running back Dalvin Cook to their roster, would that increase the expectations of the league and Broncos Country to consider the Broncos as favorites to make the postseason?

NFC Wild Card Playoffs - New York Giants v Minnesota Vikings Photo by Stephen Maturen/Getty Images

The Vikings are reported to officially release Dalvin Cook in the coming days, which has gotten a lot of attention from multiple running back needy teams including the Denver Broncos. Where the Broncos sit now going into the 2023 season they are not everyone’s first pick to get a playoff spot in the AFC but if the Broncos were to add Dalvin Cook, does that solidify them as favorites to make it into the postseason?

According to multiple sports books, Vegas has the Broncos hovering around 8-9 wins this upcoming season, which is close to qualifying for the postseason but typically not a guarantee, as two out of the three wild card teams had ten wins last season. Assuming Cook lands with the Broncos, Payton would be adding a top ten running back talent to his roster with a dual-threat ability to run and catch the ball out of the backfield. Pairing Cook up with other running back Javonte Williams would be a perfect recipe for having a potent “1-2 punch” rushing attack that is much needed after finishing in the bottom half of the league for rush yards per game last season. The ground game is especially important in Denver this year to both take pressure off Russell Wilson to move the ball on first and second down, and to open up throws down the field with play action pass.

The Broncos have addressed almost every concern Broncos Country had this offseason about the team. Allowed the most sacks last year? No problem, here is Mike McGlinchey and Ben Powers. Head coach that can’t run an offense or manage the clock? Here is Sean Payton. Pass rush too inconsistent? Here is Frank Clark and Zach Allen. Need more playmakers on offense? Let’s try to bring in Dalvin Cook. Although he is just a running back, the thought of having another elite talent that can make defenses miss tackles, catch the ball in the pass game, and take some of the work load off of Javonte Williams who is coming off an ACL injury last year, is an exciting thought to have in Denver. Everything about adding Cook makes too much sense for this team to compete with the best of the best in the AFC, which begs the question, does getting Cook make the Broncos favorites to qualify for the postseason in a loaded AFC?

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New York Giants v Minnesota Vikings Photo by Stephen Maturen/Getty Images

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