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Payton: team will finish offseason workouts “with a whistle”

With the OTAs wrapped up and the offseason slowly approaching its end, head coach Sean Payton describes what’s next.

NFL: Super Bowl LVII-Kansas City Chiefs vs Philadelphia Eagles Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Another week in the Denver Broncos’ offseason is in the books, and Sean Payton seems to be confidently chugging this boat along.

In the same post-OTAs press conference where he discussed their sprouting offense as well as gave updates on some injuries, the coach included some details about their process for reviewing players during this crucial time.

Payton admits that they review players “Every week,” adding that now is the perfect time to start because the focus is on their thinking patterns, not their physical performance.

“Throughout the season, we’re going to repeat and repeat,” he shared, “We’re not going to cover 42 a week, but we’re going to repeat situations so that when they come up in the game, there’s clear and calm thought and everyone’s on the same page.”

Asked how the team will wrap up their offseason workouts, Payton laughed and said “Well, with a whistle.”

Continuing, he mentioned the progress made with strength and conditioning, and acknowledged “how easy it is to slide backwards if you’re—all of us know if we get in a training routine or diet — the significance of this continuing, but in a more organic way with those guys being at home.”

For Payton’s personal side of things, his daughter is getting married next weekend, so he’s going to use this upcoming break to figure out his speech. He noted that a gap for rest is healthy and necessary, and everyone knows that upon coming back, it’s like “getting on an aircraft carrier for six months here. You’re here seven days a week well past midnight.”

It sounds like the Broncos are rearing up to launch, and they’re doing it with someone who has a knack for strategy and the ins and outs of this game. I’m not going to say “Broncos Country should be excited,” considering the repeated hopes and disappointments that have ailed us over the past several seasons; but I think it’s possible to be cautiously optimistic, and I’d say that’s where I’m at right now. I’ve been in this spot a lot lately, so I’m ready to be hurt again.