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The moment before becoming champions

There once was a time when the Denver Broncos had never won a Super Bowl.

Denver Broncos Victory Parade Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

Big-time players make big-time plays in big-time games... but what about the fans?

As far as the fans go, they’re on their own waiting... waiting on game time to finally roll around. It’s the nervous pacing, the ritualized borderline OCD superstitions, and more waiting.

As the Denver Nuggets zero in on their first NBA Championship in franchise history, I’m reminded of the Broncos first Championship in Super Bowl XXXII. As a child of the 1980’s, I vividly remember all the Super Bowl disasters that preceded this historic moment; all those Super Bowl parties that were over at halftime.

Leading up to Super Bowl XXXII, no extravagant plans for a Super Bowl party were made. Outside of a couple of beers, a tiny television propped atop a dorm fridge, and three Broncos fans huddled together hopeful for a win and absolutely terrified of another Super Bowl faceplant. When it wasn’t an immediate blow-out, things felt different.

Then they won it. Their first championship. It was glorious. The team we had loved our whole lives had finally made their mark on the National Football League. They were no longer the also-ran mountain time zone nobodies the media had made them out to be after so many horrific losses.

That’s what this win on Monday, if they get it, is going to be like for the Denver Nuggets. This is their statement to the NBA and the world that Denver matters. The Nuggets matter. I so badly want the Nuggets to experience what happened to the Broncos that fateful day, the day the Broncos became champions.


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