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Will Russell Wilson will have a bounce-back season in 2023?

In our latest fan survey, we overwhelmingly believe that Russell Wilson will bounce-back from his rather pedestrian 2022 campaign.

In our Denver Broncos fans reacts survey last week, one of the questions we asked was whether you believe Russell Wilson would have a bounce-back season in 2023. I didn’t expect the kind of overwhelming optimism the results suggest, but there it is. 81% of fans believe Wilson will rebound from that unfortunate 2022 season.

The signs pointing towards Broncos Country being correct are already out there despite it being mid-June. When Wilson returned to OTA’s much leaner. When asked about his changed physique he said, “I feel great. I feel lean and mean ready to go. And focused.”

He looked the part this time. No more hype videos or cringe-worthy social media content from the team itself. Just work.

Head Coach Sean Payton talked about Russell Wilson briefly in late May noting that they were just getting into football activity, but he did say that Wilson looked ‘sharp.’

“These guys are doing well, and he’s picking it up—the timing and all of those things that are required,” Payton said of Wilson. “For the first five weeks, we were just lifting and running. Now we’re getting into some football activity. We are ahead of schedule on the practice. He’s picking it up good—he looks good and looks sharp.”

It feels like the right attitude is there for Wilson and the right cook is setting the tone in Sean Payton. The mantra of ‘Let Russ Cook’ was silly to begin with. He can cook, but let Payton lay out the ingredients and recipe for him to cook with.

What do you think of these survey results? Let’s discuss in the comments section below.

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