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Pat Surtain II revealed his top three wide receivers in the NFL

If you ask Pat Surtain II, the best wide receivers in the NFL right now are Davante Adams, Justin Jefferson, and Tyreek Hill.

In an interview on the Pat McAfree show last week, Denver Broncos star cornerback Pat Surtain II was asked who the top three wide receivers in the league are right now. All three are wide receivers he’ll face this season.

“Top three receivers right now. I gotta go with Davante, Jettas, and Tyreek,” Surtain said on the show. He’ll face Davante Adams twice obviously, but he’ll also face Justin Jefferson when the Broncos play the Minnesota Vikings in Week 11 and he’ll face Tyreek Hill when they play the Miami Dolphins in Week 3.

During the Broncos second defeat to the Las Vegas Raiders last year, Davante Adams beat Pat Surtain for the game-winning touchdown. Afterwards, Adams was less than respectful towards Surtain shouting, “He too young. He ain’t there yet! He’s not there yet!”

While we’ll ignore the fact that Surtain was in zone coverage and the defense itself didn’t cover the zone Surtain wasn’t responsible for, but those are semantics. Adams was clearly motivated by the fact that Surtain played rather well against Adams in their first matchup earlier that year. Even so, that comment should fuel Surtain when they face the Raiders this season.

Denver will open the season at home against the Raiders in Week 1, so his first chance at revenge will come then. However, they won’t face off again until the final game of the season in Week 18. Hopefully Denver will be fighting for a playoff spot then and Las Vegas will just be enjoying another dud of a season. Their 20th or so over the last 20 years.