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Russell Wilson working hard to bounce-back in 2023

We hadn’t had a workout hype video from Russell Wilson this offseason, but that changed this week.

Denver Broncos quarterback Russell Wilson posted a hype video of sorts of him working out in preparation to the 2023 season. We haven’t had many of these hype videos this offseason, but I think the thing we should note here is how trim and strong he looks. He’s clearly down on weight and looks like he is working hard on agility.

We all want to see Wilson bounce-back in 2023, but to see him working his butt off to make it happen - at least on the physical side of things - is very encouraging.

Offensive Coordinator Joe Lombardi was asked last week what has to happen in order for that bounce-back season for Russell Wilson to happen. He said they are happy where he is at, but the primary focus is working on his muscle memory.

“I think a lot of things,” Lombardi said. “Injuries are always a big deal. As you look at what happened last year, a lot of it was injuries. So, it’s about staying healthy. I don’t know what’s going to happen, but for June 14, we’re really happy with where he’s at. There’s some muscle memory that we have to overcome. He’s used to doing things a certain way and we’re presenting a new way of doing things. He shows up every day ready to work. He’s the same guy every da—same attitude, and he’s really fun to work with. I think the answer for him is what the answer is for everyone. Work hard every day, get your fundamentals down and understand what you’re trying to accomplish. So far, it’s been really good.”

I actually love hearing that. Sean Payton and his staff likely have incredible experience developing quarterback play. Drew Brees is a Hall of Famer now, but when he arrived in New Orleans it was far from it. Credit Payton for that development. Hopefully we see him and his staff bring Wilson along enough to see quality quarterback play in Denver for the first time in a decade.

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