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Is Russell Wilson a perfect fit for Sean Payton’s offense?

Quarterback guru Tim Jenkins attempts to show how Denver Broncos head coach Sean Payton might utilized Russell Wilson in 2023.

Tim Jenkins is back this week with a breakdown on his YouTube channel for Denver Broncos fans giving insight into how Sean Payton may develop a scheme to take advantage of all of Russell Wilson’s strength as an NFL quarterback.

In his breakdown, Jenkins showed clips of both Taysom Hill and Drew Brees from the 2020 New Orleans Saints when they played for Payton there. The Hill clips was were included because Russell Wilson could end up doing some read-zone type plays too where he can utilize his legs.

The Brees clips showed how Payton could utilize Wilson’s excellent deep ball accuracy. He then showed the same exact formation, but instead of go routes the offensive line set up a screen pass that picked up a big gain.

Disguising play calls is something that Denver has not done in recent years. To the point of me maddeningly calling the exact play pre-snap knowing it would gain a yard or go incomplete. I am sure many of you have experience the same frustrating predictability watching these Broncos in recent years. Hopefully, Payton changes that in 2023.