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Broncos roster review: wide receiver Jerry Jeudy

Can Jerry Jeudy remain WR1 in Denver this season?

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

If all goes as expected, the Denver Broncos should have one of the better receiving corps in the league this year. Between Jerry Jeudy, Courtland Sutton, Tim Patrick coming back from injury, Greg Dulcich, and newly acquired Marvin Mims Jr., this should be a powerful force. And Jeudy has the ability to be the biggest threat out of all of these.

Obviously, last season failed to live up to most expectations of what this team and what the passing game was supposed to look like. You can blame the coach, the quarterback, or the receivers. It doesn’t matter at this point. But even with their issues, Jerry Jeudy managed to have his best season yet. That makes me optimistic about what he can do this year.

This optimism is not only shared by me and other members of Broncos Country but by members of the NFL media as well. Fox Sports analyst and former NFL player Bucky Brooks named Jeudy to his All-Breakout team.

Sean Payton has also had this to say about Jeudy:

“I told him, ‘Hey, I’m going to be on you and we’re going to get the most out of you’”

“There’re the nuances of the game, relative to landmarks, and the exactness of the passing game. All of those things, he’s been really eager to learn. I enjoy working with him.”

“He’s explosive.” I remember him coming out and certainly seeing film of him playing. Now, having a chance to work directly with him, he’s very explosive. He’s got extremely loose hips, which allows him to transition well.”

Player Profile

Height: 6’1” | Weight: 193 pounds

Experience: Fourth season | Age: 24 years old

Jerry Jeudy 2022-23 stats

Jeudy played in 15 out of 17 games last season. He finished with 972 receiving yards, 1,012 scrimmage yards, and six touchdowns. All three of these were career highs. This may be due to an increased workload, but he stepped up when needed as he had three games with 100+ yards. His best game of the year was the last game where he put up 154 receiving yards and 193 total yards.

2023-24 outlook for Broncos wide receiver Jerry Jeudy

A better coach with a better offense, and presumably better quarterback play should lead to an even higher output from Jeudy. The trend means that we should see him break the 1,000-receiving-yard mark this year for the first time in his career. The last time a Broncos player did that was in 2019 when Courtland Sutton put up 1,112 yards.

Clearly, Sean Payton is going to make Jeudy one of the center points of this offense. And I think he should be able to fill the role that Michael Thomas served when Payton was with the Saints. While Courtland Sutton or Tim Patrick might be closer to the build Thomas has, Jeudy is more of a dynamic receiver than those two.

With Jeudy as the primary focus that should open things up for the returning Patrick and hopefully allow for a resurgence for Sutton. But the player I think I’m most excited to see play alongside Jeudy this year is TE Greg Dulcich; another player that Payton has been raving about. Big things can happen this year, and it’s going to be Jeudy that can take the top off a defense. He’ll be open on routes that Russell Wilson actually had success with last year as he finished 7th among the top 10 deep passers.

Final thoughts

We should be about to witness the best version of Jerry Jeudy yet. Sean Payton is the one that will finally be able to properly utilize Denver’s offensive weapons and Jeudy is one of the biggest ones they’ve got.

I wouldn’t be surprised if he finishes as WR1 for the Broncos for the 2nd season in a row. A likely spot for Jeudy to end up at is a top-20 wide receiver in the league, but a top-15 spot is not out of the question.