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Broncos hold winning record at historic baseball park

...and everyone thought that just the Red Sox lost there.

Football Player Using Straight Arm Technique Photo by George Rinhart/Corbis via Getty Images

A couple weeks ago, I joined the coaching brain-trust that molded a scattered bunch of boys into a fierce 10U baseball squad known as the Bow Sheepdog Grizzlies. Although it would not end up being the Grizzlies year in the playoffs, the coaches celebrated a terrific season of growth and maturity by eating too many hot dogs and washing them down with too many beers. It was a blast.

As I looked out at Fenway Park, I couldn’t imagine that this venerated baseball park had once been home to the Boston Patriots during the American Football League’s infancy. How was the field be oriented? Did it go from home plate and 3rd on out to the outfield? Or did it nestle up against the Big Green Monster?

“You know, the Broncos won the first ever AFL game against Boston back in 1960. Scored the first points in league history. Although, that wasn’t here at Fenway, that was at Nickerson Field over at Boston University.”

Yep, I was that guy at a baseball game. I own it.

The Patriots played at Nickerson from 1960 through the 1962 season at which point they moved to Fenway Park. From 1963 through the 1968 season, the Patriots shared Fenway with baseball’s Red Sox.

Now, as most Broncos fans know, the 1960’s were not the greatest years in Broncos history. An era full of disappointments and near relocations had few bright spots. However, when it comes to the Denver Broncos and their record at Fenway Park during that time, there is something to cheer for.

Although the Broncos dropped the first two matchups at Fenway to Boston in 1963 (47-17) and 1964 (12-7), Denver closed out their final three appearances with wins in 1965 (27-10), 1966 (17-10), and 1968 (35-14).

The Denver Broncos have a winning record at Boston’s Fenway Park, 3-2. The Patriots, conversely, were only able to muster a lackluster 16-17-5 record on those hallowed baseball grounds.

Oh, and to answer that question about how the field was oriented...

Want to learn more about Fenway’s football history? Check out this site.


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