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NFL Network’s Bucky Brooks names Broncos’ offense as one that could break out in 2023

If the Denver Broncos rediscover some offense, they could be a real threat in the AFC this season with how well their defense has played in recent years.

NFL: Denver Broncos at Kansas City Chiefs Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

The Denver Broncos will need a big improvement from their offense this season if they are to rebound from a rather terrible six-year stretch of football in the Mile High City. That was likely a big reason why the team brought in Sean Payton to lead their program. He has the offensive accolades and championship class that has been missing in Denver since the departure of Gary Kubiak.

I think that change at the top is exactly what Denver needed and I’m not alone in that line of thinking. NFL Network’s Bucky Brooks also believes in the Broncos chances at turning things around in 2023. Denver was one of four offenses he picked for a big turnaround this season.

Sean Payton’s arrival should stabilize an offense that was a staggering disappointment under his predecessor, one-and-done head coach Nathaniel Hackett. Payton has directed some of the league’s top offenses over the past two decades, utilizing a variety of concepts and personnel groupings to create mismatches all over the field. As a masterful play designer with ample experience coaxing the most out of an aging quarterback, Payton can alleviate Russell Wilson’s issues through clever scheming and superb game management. Moreover, the veteran play-caller will maximize a supporting cast with promising potential, thus eliminating the need for the 34-year-old quarterback to play like a one-man show.

As the Broncos embrace a more balanced approach with the ground attack featured prominently in the game plan, the Super Bowl-winning head coach’s immediate imprint on the unit could help Denver re-emerge as a playoff contender this season.

It is the ground game I am looking forward the most to seeing in action this Summer. If Payton can implement a rushing scheme that is close to as successful as the one he ran later in his time with the New Orleans Saints, then Denver could be a legitimate AFC powerhouse more quickly than we might think.

So far, I feel I’ve held back on the hype machine this year. It seems by June-July every year I would talk myself into the Broncos breaking through and competing for playoffs again only to be disappointed by, oh, about mid-October. Payton has a lot of work to do and its more than just having the pieces in places on the roster. He’s got to teach this franchise how to win again. Hopefully he can do year one.