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Tim Patrick could be the biggest factor in Russell Wilson’s redemption season

The most underrated player in the Denver Broncos wide receiver room has got to be Tim Patrick and having him back 100% is going to be huge for this offense and for Russell Wilson.

NFL: Cincinnati Bengals at Denver Broncos Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

There is a lot of discussion going on about the Denver Broncos. Especially as it pertains to quarterback Russell Wilson and how head coach Sean Payton can resurrect his play this season. From whether or not the two are a perfect fit, to the Broncos offense being some analyst’s pick for a breakout candidate in 2023.

James Palmer of NFL Network brought up a really aspect of this year’s team that could make all the difference compared to last year’s and it has nothing to do with Payton. He brought up Tim Patrick and his role with the Broncos as Russell Wilson’s outlet option and how his injury last August derailed a lot of what Wilson wanted to do with the football last season.

Palmer went on to talk about Patrick the player and why he is an underrated force at that position.

“I’ve had multiple people in the building tell me he is the best football player in that wide receiver room,” Palmer said in the video clip above. “He might be a bigger boost for a Russell Wilson bounce-back season.”

I love that description of Patrick’s play. He does play like someone you’d call a pure football player. As an undrafted wide receiver, he is following in the footsteps of legendary Broncos’ wide receiver Rod Smith and while he has a very long way to go to matching Smith’s career on the field, he certainly plays with Smith’s mental toughness.

The biggest thing Denver needs in 2023 is to remain healthy. If this team can endure the long season and come out in January mostly whole then I think they could end up a playoff contender in the AFC. A lot has to happen on the fundamentals, but having your best players actually playing is also a must. Here’s to a healthy season and a Tim Patrick resurgence as well!