Anyone Else Feel this way?

I have this sneaking suspicion that Denver is going to be significantly better with Stidham at QB then Wilson. The more I’ve thought about this the more I just don’t see the upside to Wilson anymore. His skill set is clearly limited in that he really seems unable to be a pocket passing QB with accurate throws consistently to the middle of the field.

This isn’t just from last season, this is basically his career. He’s gotten by to this point in his career by scrambling, and although that was certainly still effective last season it’s also clear that his age is catching up to him. He’s gotten a step slower and the overall Defensive athleticism in the last decade has gotten a step faster. I have a difficult time seeing how this works out going forward. Wilson will try to run to create space and make dynamic throws on the move but any Defensive coordinator is going stack the box and roll coverage to the sides and that’ll force Wilson to run.

That’s going to have a short shelf life and the concussion issues we saw last season aren’t going to get better. That’s simply not how repetitive head trauma works. Just ask Teddy Bridgewater or Wes Welker.

More and more the only scenario I see is Wilson playing a dynamic, run around and create, playground style attack and eventually getting his clock cleaned by a 250LB Minotaur posing as a linebacker.

Enter Stidham, who from most accounts lacks Wilson’s raw athleticism but seems like a better fit for the Offense system that will allow Denver to succeed. That system seems to be a run heavy offense that has the QB dink and dunk over the middle of the field to keep the D honest when the stack the box against the run. More and more I just don’t see Wilson as that guy and see Stidham as an improvement.

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