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Broncos projected to win 10 games this season

Would you be happy with double-digit wins and a narrow playoff miss? At the very least it would be a step in the right direction.

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NFL: Combine Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Denver Broncos have been losing double-digit games for years now, so any kind of turnaround would be welcome by fans. Nate Davis of USA Today went through and gave his record projections for every team in the NFL and the Broncos came out with 10 wins.

Hilariously, however, he ended up with three 10-win teams in the AFC that would ultimately miss the playoffs. The NFC would have three 9-win teams make it under his projections.

Davis had this to say about his Broncos projection specifically:

Denver Broncos (10-7): If new HC Sean Payton is reason enough to believe they can recover from last year’s debacle, then consider the return of WR Tim Patrick – a year removed from a torn ACL – an offensive line fortified by free agency and a leaner Wilson under center. And better luck has to surface for a team not only waylaid by injuries in 2022 but one that lost nine of its 12 defeats by seven points or fewer.

As it stands, if this were how it were to play out then I would likely consider this season a resounding step in the right direction. It would mean the Broncos would be in it until the final week and the excitement and competitive fire would be back in the Mile High City. I’d be all for it even if it did result in a disappointing outcome like this.

How would you feel about the season if this is how it would play out for the Denver Broncos? Share in the comments section below.