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Broncos’ President Damani Leech confirms team is working on new uniform

It looks like the Denver Broncos are working on a new uniform according to Team President Damani Leech. They got to go orange jersey, right?

NFL: NFL Draft Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Just ahead of Denver Broncos training camp kicking off, the team released their new alternate helmet design. The snow-capped mountain themed helmet was really just a basic white helmet with the old school Broncos ‘D’ emblem. For an older fan like myself, I was perfectly fine with it. Although, I would have preferred the light blue over the white. Just a minor personal preference, really.

Fast forward from that event to Wednesday when Owner & CEO Greg Penner, Head Coach Sean Payton, and Team President Damani Leech held a press conference after the first day of camp. Leech was asked about the fans voting for a refresh on the team’s uniform last November.

“We did a survey last fall,” Leech said. “We had over 10,000 responses to that survey, which right away showed how much passion and interest there was broadly in the thought of our uniforms. Fans certainly will tag me on social media, and I was pleased. I try to avoid reading the comments sometimes, but I was pleased after yesterday’s rollout. You saw a lot of people excited, excited about the [logo], and excited for something new. I think that there is a lot of interest and energy around something new and we will continue to work on it.”

Frankly, I nearly forgot about that survey. A couple of our resident season-ticket holders took part on that survey and apparently the results were apparently in favor of a refresh of the Broncos’ uniforms.

When asked if fans could expect a new uniform in 2024, Leech cautioned against any kind of timeline. There is a lot more that goes into a uniform change than just the redesign.

“We are definitely working on it,” Leech continued. “When fans should expect it is still TBD. For those who know, it’s quite a lengthy process, both with the league and with Nike. Carrie [Walton Penner] has been great in this. She led a team of us, and we went up to Beaverton this past spring and spent a day with the Nike folks, talking about concepts, helping them understand what it means to be a Bronco and what we think about our community. We are still working on it and when we are ready to share something, we will certainly be sharing it.”

That would definitely be exciting given the current iteration is already over 25 years old. Andrew Mason on Twitter last Fall asked a series of poll questions that garnered quite a few votes. The first was a logo preference for the helmet and an overwhelming 72.5% voted for the Classic “D” logo. Unironically, the second question was regarding uniform colors and 69.2% voted for the royal-blue/orange combo from the 80s over the current colors and over some undetermined new color combo.

I’m 50-50 here. I prefer the old school classic “D” logo on a lighter than royal-blue helmet color. As for uniform colors, give me the orange! I don’t care if the orange is 80s orange or color rush orange. Make it happen.

What do you think? If the Broncos end up redoing their uniform, what would you prefer to see? Share in the comments section below.