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Broncos roster review: Center Kyle Fuller

With the importance of the offensive line, Kyle Fuller’s history with Russell Wilson could be his ticket to a roster spot.

Chicago Bears v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images

Kyle Fuller’s addition to the Denver Broncos offensive line as a backup could become more important as the season progresses. His time in Seattle gives him a connection to Russell Wilson, and gives him an added positive to keeping him on the roster.

Player Profile

Height: 6’4”
Weight: 315 pounds
Age: 29 years old

After the first preseason game against the Arizona Cardinals, the struggles on the offensive line emphasized the need for depth.

Kyle Fuller’s 2023 outlook

It’s no secret that the Denver Broncos have to get improved offensive line play for there to be success under Sean Payton. After one preseason game it is difficult to not jump to conclusions. The O-Line was a prominent figure in both the Instant Reactions to the game, and the Winner and Losers, but not in a good way. What does that mean for Fuller?

It would seem, as the number 2 left guard on the unofficial depth chart, Fuller has a good opportunity to find himself on the final roster. He has experience at center, having played games with Wilson in Seattle. He can be a serviceable backup, and step in a guard or center when needed. The offensive line is a work in progress, which isn’t exactly what most fans are hoping to read, but it grants players like Fuller a shot at making an impact.

On top of his use on the O-Line, he could be useful on special teams. Most of his NFL action has been in that phase of the game, and the Broncos must improve that area of the game to compete. Fuller will likely be used to help with those improvements.

Final thoughts

Fuller should make the Broncos opening roster. He gives the team depth that will be necessary in a long season. He has NFL experience, and has snapped the ball to Russell Wilson. Familiarity with the QB and the experience of playing for 5 seasons make Fuller’s prospects even better. In a perfect world he will be primarily used as a special teams player. In a long NFL season, Fuller will be definitely be useful on the O-Line.