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Broncos roster review: Tight end Chris Manhertz

Manhertz brings an attitude and approach that will help the Broncos offense and hopefully the team in 2023.

Jacksonville Jaguars v Cincinnati Bengals Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images

Chris Manhertz is a player you know what you’re going to get.

That’s one of the main reasons the Denver Broncos signed the free agent tight end early in NFL free agency.

Now entering his eighth year in the NFL, the veteran tight end looks to bring his experience and mindset to the Broncos tight end room and the offense.

Player Profile

Height: 6’6” | Weight: 235 pounds | Age: 31 years old

Arm Length: n/a | Hands: n/a

Chris Manhertz’s 2023 outlook

Before getting into the outlook, it’s important to recognize the attitude that Manhertz possesses. It’s what has led to him sticking around the league for eight years. As he told the Broncos website, a fact that has exceeded all of his expectations.

One of the ways Manhertz had done that is by dedicating himself to be a complete tight end and one of the best blocking tight ends in the NFL. That’s something he started as a practice squad player with the Buffalo Bills in 2016 and what led to him having success with the Carolina Panthers and Jacksonville Jaguars.

Manhertz still takes pride in being a force in the running game.

As Manhertz told the Broncos website:

“I take a lot of pride in it. I always look it and say, ‘Somebody has to do it. So why not me?’ If that’s going to increase my ability to be on the field and increase my opportunities and open up opportunities not only for me but the offense as a whole, it’s something that I take a great deal of pride in and put it out [as] just the brand of physical football that I’ve been able to play throughout the course of my career.”

That kind of mindset is exactly what will help the Broncos offense. And it’s exactly what new Denver head coach Sean Payton wants from his players. Manhertz will do whatever it takes to help the team.

On Manhertz’s role, Payton told The Denver Post: “You can have a lot of things going for you relative to running the football, but you end up playing jumbo tackles, maybe, if you don’t have a blocking tight end. He just does a lot of those things well. You know exactly what you’re getting from him which allows you to gameplan easier on Wednesday and Thursday nights.”

Knowing the attitude that Manhertz possesses, you can see the impact he’ll have on the Broncos offense. It may not come in the form of catches or touchdowns, he does only have two receiving TDs in his career, but it will be seen in the success of the running game and pass protection.

“I honestly think it all started from just figuring out a way to make a team early on in my career and figuring out ways that I could stick and finding a weak point within the respective tight end rooms that I’ve been a part of,” Manhertz said to the Broncos website. “I know there’s always going to be a demand, there’s always going to be a need for players like that and also just the way, the direction things are going in the run game and setting up certain plays in play action, a lot of that is established off a run game. It’s kind of a niche thing, but like I said, I just have the mentality that somebody has to do it. And why not me?”

Final thoughts

The Broncos have a wide array of talents in their tight ends. Manhertz not only brings the ability to block, but he also brings an attitude winning teams desperately need. One that is all about the team and doing whatever is needed to help the team win.

Manhertz isn’t a tight end to target in fantasy football. He won’t rack up the catches or touchdowns. But that doesn’t alter the impact he’ll make on the success of the Broncos in 2023.

As a coach, there’s a piece of mind in knowing exactly what Manhertz brings to the room, the field and the team.