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Should we be most worried about Garett Bolles this season?

Fans are undecided over what position on the Denver Broncos is the biggest concern, but left tackle did take the top spot in the survey.

Earlier this week, I asked you fans what starter position were you most worried about heading into the next preseason game. After watching the Denver Broncos first game against the Arizona Cardinals, I had six positions that I felt were worthy to include in this vote.

Here are the results of that survey:

I personally voted for Bolles after this game, because he seemed to be the source of a lot of the protection issues against the Cardinals. He and Ben Powers didn’t seem to have much chemistry working together in pass protection. Bolles chalked it up to rust and they found their groove on their fourth and final drive in the game.

“Yeah man, I just think that we dusted the rust off and started getting into a groove,” Bolles said. “It is good to see those things. We have new faces in our lineup, so it is good to see those guys get in there and do the things that they need to, but one touchdown isn’t going to cut it.”

While he touched on the fact he and Powers are learning to work together there on the offensive line, I would also argue the rust being dusted off was likely due the Cardinals starting defensive line hitting the bench after two drives.

The good news is this is just a preseason game. They will obviously hit the film and work on fixing the issues. I still voted Bolles, because he and Powers are the two I’ll be watching the most closely against the San Francisco 49ers on Saturday.

What do you all think of these survey results? Share in the comments section below.

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