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Broncos’ cornerback Pat Surtain II debuts at 49th overall in NFL’s Top 100 ranking

The Denver Broncos have their second player appear in the NFL’s Top 100 ranking with cornerback Pat Surtain II coming in at 49th overall.

Denver Broncos v New York Giants Photo by Al Pereira/Getty Images

Last week, we saw Denver Broncos safety Justin Simmons slide in at 59th overall on the NFL’s Top 100 list and now we see cornerback Pat Surtain II debut for the first time in his career at 49th overall on the same list.

Somehow he didn’t make the list as a rookie despite Surtain clearly being NFL-ready from Day 1 and dominant. However, last season he was even better. His interceptions were down, but he still effectively shut down his side of the field to earn his first Pro Bowl nod and a First-Team All-Pro selection.

In his short two year career, Surtain has held opposing quarterbacks under a 75 passer rating when targeting him 19 out of his 33 games. In 7 of those games, the passer rating was below 40. What is even more impressive is how he responds to the poor performances he has had. In the six games he has given up a 100 passer rating or better, he followed up with a dominant game the next week in three of those: 16.1, 2.8, and 0. In two others passers posted a sub 71.5 passer rating.

I think there is no debate where this young man’s career arc is headed and while this is just his debut ranking, he’s nowhere near where he actually should be. We’ll have to see how he does this year, but I suspect we’ll see him in the Top 25 soon enough.