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Is Russell Wilson back in Pro Bowl form?

Sean Payton and the Denver Broncos may have figured out how to bring Russell Wilson back into Pro Bowl form in 2023.

Tim Jenkins dropped another film breakdown of Russell Wilson and the Denver Broncos offense this weekend after the quarterback played a series against the San Francisco 49ers on Saturday. Jenkins came out in strong support of Wilson returning to form and believes he is back.

If he is back, does that mean he is back in Pro Bowl form?

I’m unconvinced, but I am encouraged by what I’ve seen out of Russell Wilson through the first two preseason games. He looks quicker and has brought back the threat of the scramble in 2023, which could net big gains for the offense this season.

While I will hold back from committing to Wilson being back in Pro Bowl like form, I think we in Broncos Country have a competent quarterback finally for the first time in more than a half decade. If the roster can stay healthy and the defense remain in top tier form, the playoffs could be within their grasp. If they can figure out how to win close games, that is...

What did you think of Russell Wilson’s performance against the 49ers on Saturday night? And do you agree with Tim Jenkins here that Wilson is back to his old form? Let us know in the comments section below.