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Randy Gradishar selected as senior finalist for Pro Football Hall of Fame

After waiting for decades, the Denver Broncos have their first member of the Orange Crush selected as a finalist for the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Denver Broncos Photo by Focus on Sport/Getty Images

There might be some argument whether the 1977 Denver Broncos defense was better than the 2015 Broncos’ defense, but it is darn close. That no member of that vaunted Orange Crush defense is in the Pro Football Hall of Fame has been an egregious travesty. One that looks to be on the verge of being corrected. Randy Gradishar has been selected by the senior committee as a finalist for the Hall of Fame.

This usually means a rubber stamp approval for final selection when the full voting members meet to select the Class of 2024.

“We are thrilled for Randy Gradishar to take this significant step closer to his long-awaited place in the Pro Football Hall of Fame,” Broncos’ Owner & CEO Greg Penner said in a statement. “The heart and soul of the iconic Orange Crush defense, Randy is now on the doorstep of earning the game’s highest honor. The Broncos congratulate Randy on becoming a Senior Finalist for the Class of 2024 and look forward to the full Selection Committee vote early next year.”

Gradishar, a first-round draft pick (14th overall) in the 1974 NFL Draft, spent 10 seasons in the NFL. He was a five-time All-Pro, seven-time Pro Bowl selection, and earned NFL Defensive Player of the Year honors in 1978. He finished his career with 2,049 tackles, 19.5 sacks, 20 interceptions, and four touchdowns.

His election into the Hall of Fame will be a huge celebration for Broncos Country. Fans have been lobbying hard for him for literally decades and it appears that dedication is finally paying off. As Tom Jackson once said, “It’s all over fat man!”

Congratulations, Randy Gradishar. Mile High Salutes from all of Broncos Country!