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Report: Broncos are one of the teams most interested in trading for Colts running back Jonathan Taylor

A recent report from Cecil Lammey indicates that the Broncos along with the Dolphins are the two teams most interested in trading for Colts running back Jonathan Taylor.

Pittsburgh Steelers v Indianapolis Colts Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

According to’s Cecil Lammey, not only are the Denver Broncos interested in acquiring Indianapolis Colts running back Jonathan Taylor, they are one of the two teams most interested in acquiring him.

This comes after the news of the Indianapolis Colts allowing their All-Pro running back Jonathan Taylor to seek out a trade with Tuesday’s cut-down date as the deadline to get a deal done.

Lammey notes that he has checked around the league and with his sources and the two teams that appear to be most interested in Taylor are the Miami Dolphins and the Denver Broncos. Both teams were involved in the Dalvin Cook sweepstakes and now appear to be in the Jonathan Taylor sweepstakes.

“In nosing around the league yesterday… phone’s buzzing, it’s GMs, it’s people around the league because I’ve been inquiring, like checking around, who’s interested in Jonathan Taylor? There are two teams that I’m told are the most interested. One is the Miami Dolphins, because of their interest in Dalvin Cook. And the Broncos interest in Dalvin Cook was also larger than they were letting on or anyone really knows. The Denver Broncos are the second team,”

The asking price for Taylor is “multiple picks or starters” and some reports are that the Colts are looking for first-round pick value (multiple picks and players) for Taylor’s services. The one surprising note that Lammey added was that trading Javonte Williams for Taylor “might not be off the table”. The Colts would likely want a back in return for Taylor and Javonte would likely be the one they target off the Broncos roster. They could pair Williams with a pair of day two and three picks and offer that for Taylor with hopes of it getting done.

Dealing away Javonte Williams would be a shocking move, especially after his miraculous recovery from a multiple ligament injury, but including him in a hypothetical deal with be realistic.

Vegas has the Broncos with the fourth-best odds to get Taylor so there might be some smoke to this fire. They were interested in Dalvin Cook and Payton’s comments in the past about the importance of the run game could show why they might be interested in Taylor. He told reporters that running the ball “has to be part of our DNA” and continued on about how important the run game is to him and how he believes it is important to winning in the NFL.

“I think it has to be part of our DNA, and we felt that way in New Orleans, as well. I think the two greatest allies for a good quarterback player are a running game and good defense. I think it’s a tough position to play if you’re not running the ball well, and then obviously it becomes tougher if you’re not stopping anyone. That’s going to be important to what we do as long as I’m here. I just think it’s that important to winning in our league.”

So, adding arguably the best running back in the league who is still only 24 years old and ran for 1,800 yards and 18 rushing touchdowns in 2021 would be something he would be interested in doing. Taylor does want a contract but the Broncos have shown their ability to open the wallet if needed and Payton has been creative with the cap space in the past. So, on paper, it all makes sense, but will it be a reality?

Lammey and others are questioning Colts owner Jim Irsay’s motives here and if Taylor truly is on the block. Irsay is a complicated owner so anything could be happening here, but if Lammey’s report is true, it sounds like the Broncos are making a strong play for running back Jonathan Taylor’s services.


KOA’s Benjamin Allbright is hearing different from Lammey and tweeted out tonight that the Broncos have no interest in paying the draft pick price or salary cost for Jonathan Taylor.

Like with the Sean Payton hiring, free agency, and the trade rumors surrounding the receivers, we have varying reports out there. So, like with everything, all we can do is wait and see until the next report drops.