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Why the Broncos DON’T need to make a trade for Jonathan Taylor

A Denver Broncos trade for running back Jonathan Taylor just doesn’t make sense. Here’s why.

Indianapolis Colts v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images

With trade rumors swirling around the Indianapolis Colts’ running back Jonathan Taylor, it’s understandable that the Denver Broncos might be tempted to make a move. While Taylor is a very talented running back, acquiring Taylor just doesn’t seem like a move the Broncos should make right now.

Limited Need in the Backfield

The Broncos already boast a solid running back group led by Javonte Williams and Samaje Perine. The Broncos also seem to have found a diamond in the rough in undrafted free-agent rookie running back Jaleel McLaughlin, who has absolutely exploded onto the scene with two very impressive preseason outings thus far.

The Broncos are already aware of Williams’ talent, and he looks primed and ready to return from his season-ending injury that occurred a season ago. Perine on the other hand, is an extremely solid RB2 option for when Williams needs a breather. Perine also only has two career fumbles, which occurred back in his rookie season in 2017. Since then, Perine has absolutely locked the rock down when rushing.

While Williams and Perine have similar ‘bowl you over’ type run styles, McLaughlin brings the shiftiness and speed. This trio could honestly become a three-headed monster in 2023, and should definitely be one of the Broncos’ units to watch. So with the talent already being there in the backfield, there really isn’t a dire need to add Taylor to the equation.

Cost to acquire Taylor

When it comes to acquiring Taylor, the cost is a significant factor. The Colts are reportedly seeking a first-round pick in exchange for Taylor, and potentially more. Are the Broncos really wanting to get rid of another first-round pick when they just spent two years without one thanks to the Russell Wilson trade? Personally, if I was the Broncos GM, I’d be hoarding picks. Maybe it’s because I’m deprived of the excitement I get from the Broncos making a first-round selection.

Taylor has also demanded a trade from Indy because he wants a contract extension that the Colts are not willing to give him. He’s on the final year of his rookie deal, and will likely demand a hefty new contract. Do the Broncos want to designate a large chunk of their cap to a star running back when they’ve already got three perfectly talented (and perfectly priced) running backs on the roster?


While Taylor is undoubtedly a talented running back, the Broncos’ current roster composition and their needs in other areas make a trade for him impractical. Running back is not a dire need for the team right now. If anything, they should be a bit more focused on the offensive line doing the run blocking for the running backs, as they’ve already shown a bit of struggle (but that is a whole other story.)

While Taylor’s two 1,000+ yard seasons sure is alluring, it would probably be in the Broncos' best interest to pass on trading for Taylor.