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Broncos fans less confident in team than same time last year

The old adage, “Fool me once” applies here for Broncos Country. I would say we’re cautiously optimistic, but reserving outright homerism.

We’re two preseason games into with the final one being played tonight, so I wanted to get one last preseason temperature check on Broncos Country. The results from this week’s survey kind of shocked me a bit. Normally, fans are in full homer-mode ahead of Week 1 and while 78% may seem like a decently high number, it’s actually not.

Even for a team that has suffered season after season of 10+ losses, confidence and hope usually surges back to the 90s in the offseason. For example, last year in mid-August the fan confidence survey stood at 96%. After getting burned by Nathaniel Hackett and Russell Wilson last year, it would seem most of us fans are holding back a bit heading into this season.

While I did vote that I was confident in the direction this team is headed, I wouldn’t say I’m banking on playoffs and competing for the AFC West. I am reserving my judgement there until I see this team play the Kansas City Chiefs. My confidence level is that Sean Payton will at least make this team a 9-8 team in a bad year. We’ll see if that confidence has been misplaced.

How do you feel about the state of the Denver Broncos heading into the regular season? Share in the comments section below.