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Most Broncos fans think Denver is a playoff team in 2023

Are the Denver Broncos a playoff team? Survey results suggest us fans think so. However, they don’t think they will overtake the Kansas City Chiefs in the AFC West just yet.

The Denver Broncos are a playoff team in 2023... if you ask fans, anyway. In the survey we ran this week, 53% of fans said this team will make the playoffs.

However, this number isn’t as good as one might think. Because I’ve run this same poll two other teams this offseason. Back when Sean Payton was initially hired, 67% of fans believed this was a playoff team and then again in mid-June roughly the same (66%) of fans believed Denver was on track to compete for a playoff spot this season.

Now, after training camp and the preseason, it seems a bucket of ice water has been thrown on the fanbase. While most of us still think the playoffs are coming this year, that 53% is rather weak in comparison to where we stood just a few months ago.

That brings us to the second survey question. Where will the Broncos finish in the AFC West? Of the 53% of fans who voted for the playoffs, just 5% went on to say they’d slay the Kansas City Chiefs. Most of us, even a few who don’t think they’ll be a playoff team, voted for a second-place finish in the West.

Even then, a solid chunk think they won’t get any higher than third-place. The Los Angeles Chargers are a strong roster and it will be difficult for the Broncos to even get to second-place given that reality. I personally don’t think Josh McDaniels and the Las Vegas Raiders present any kind of challenge. That franchise will soon be a burning dumpster fire that McDaniels will bring.

So what did you think of these results? Let’s discuss in the comments section below.

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