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2023 Broncos training camp: Day 7 Live updates

The Denver Broncos have taken the field for Day 7 of publicly open training camp. Join the discussion on today’s happenings here in the comments section.

Denver Broncos Training Camp Photo by Andy Cross/MediaNews Group/The Denver Post via Getty Images

We’re back at it again on Friday with Day 7 of Denver Broncos training camp. Day 6 was closed to the public, which means there just wasn’t much to cover. The media tends to have very little they can report on when the general public is not in attendance. Some may call this Day 9 due to the two closed “acclimation practices” to start camp, but it is officially Day 7 according to the team’s training camp schedule.

What little we did get from Thursday’s closed session is that Russell Wilson had a better day overall and any concern out there has been squashed by Sean Payton who reiterated on Thursday, “I think he’s doing well. I like what I’ve seen. I said it yesterday. There are times when you’re not seeing a clean picture and he’s scrambling. In a game-type mode, though, where we’re running the ball more and with the installations that we’re doing—I think he’s doing well. I like where he’s at.”

Early in training camp is when we often overreact to poor offensive performances. Having covered training camp narratives and events for well over a decade, the defensive units tend to be strong early on while the offensive units take some time to get things going. I’m not at all worried and won’t be until I see them start to play in actual preseason games.

Keep up to date below as the local media reports from Broncos camp live and feel free to discuss with the community in the comments section in this post.

Broncos training camp Day 7 live updates