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Broncos roster review: Cornerback Fabian Moreau

Here is how cornerback Fabian Moreau can bolster the already good defensive backfield for the Denver Broncos.

Chris Faytok | NJ Advance Media

Fabian Moreau, now on his fifth team since being drafted in 2017 by Washington, is set to add as a key member of the defensive secondary’s depth chart.

We know that Pat Surtain II is going to be one of the best or the best, cornerbacks in the league this year, and sophomore Damarri Mathis has been having a great camp, but Denver is still lacking true depth at that position. There is Iowa rookie Riley Moss, but he isn’t going to be back on the field for at least another three weeks due to an abdominal injury. So that’s where Moreau comes into play.

Officially signing a one-year deal with the Denver Broncos on August 2nd, he would have his first practice with the team that same day.

Player Profile

Height: 6’0” | Weight: 204 pounds

Age: 29 | Experience: Seventh season

2022 stats

Fabian Moreau is coming off of one the most productive seasons of his career. He started in 11 out of the 14 games he played for the Giants, ending the year with 749 snaps. He would finish with 10 pass deflections and 66 tackles, with 50 of those being solo tackles.

Broncos cornerback Fabian Moreau’s 2023 outlook

With the news of rookie CB Riley Moss being set to miss the next few weeks due to an abdominal injury has made this signing a lot more valuable. Currently, the four 1st and 2nd string cornerbacks have a combined 11 years of experience (K’Waun Williams has eight of those), Moreau is going to bring another much-needed injection of veteran know-how to this position group.

He’ll likely see plenty of snaps throughout the season, and may even move up to a 2nd string role depending on injuries and performance by the younger guys.

The defensive secondary has already been dominant through the first week or so of training camp, and I expect Moreau to be a contributor to their success over the remainder of camp and into the season.

Final thoughts

The signing of Moreau comes with a cheap value and high upside. Sean Payton is continuing to add experience to this roster to coincide with the abundance of young players.

Not only will Moreau contribute on the field, but his off-the-field value may rival anything that he can do in a game. While already the best at his position, Pat Surtain II is only in his third year as a pro and will always be able to learn from those that have been doing this longer than he has. Whether that be learning from strengths or weaknesses, both are valuable.

I think his true value will be determined by how much time Riley Moss has to miss and how long it will take for Moss to develop into an NFL-ready cornerback. For now, that 2nd string job is likely Moreau’s.