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Was it the same ole 2022 version of Russell Wilson in Week 1?

The sky isn’t falling in Denver, especially when it comes to Russell Wilson in his first game playing for Sean Payton.

The Denver Broncos lost at home to the Las Vegas Raiders... again. It seems this team hasn’t held a homefield advantage over any opponent since Peyton Manning walked out that door. Russell Wilson and the offense lost in Week 1 by the same exact 17-16 score that they did in Week 1 in 2022 against the Seattle Seahawks.

However, the game looked a heck of a lot different this time around. The best quarterback analyst we have in Denver is Tim Jenkins and he is a must watch breakdown on Russell Wilson in the aftermath of each game. He set about to answer the question whether this was the same ole Russell Wilson or if there is hope. Watch his full breakdown below:

There were a couple of misses, but overall we saw a version of Wilson we all hoped we would see last year. I can think of only one bad miss all game and it came early. Jenkins also covered that short overthrow on Javonte Williams here in this review.

The Broncos ended up winning the time of possession with just eight total possessions. They had two drives lasting long than eight minutes and that was something the 2022 Broncos offense did exactly zero times all season. There is hope, but the fact is they still need to find a way to win these close games. It’s been brutal losing so many one score games over the last two seasons.

What did you think of Russell Wilson’s performance? Game over or hope?