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Chargers have found a way to grow their fanbase — AI

HA! Just kidding, it’s just a ‘movie promo’ or something. But at least the Los Angeles Chargers have some new fans in attendance!

They say it was part of a movie promo, but we’ve all seen how empty SoFi Stadium is when the Los Angeles Chargers are having a home game there. It’s Week 1, the stadium looks full on TV, life is good. I would like to personally congratulate the Chargers for finding a creative way to fill their seats!

All joking aside, these AI creatures are a wee bit spooky. Sure, they are just life-sized dolls with some pre-programed mechanical movement in there, but still. It’s a bit off the wall. Even if it is a movie promo, I just had to pounce on the fact that the Chargers have not been able to sell out games since leaving San Diego and them being in the AFC West.

The Chargers have a good roster and should be a playoff-caliber team in 2023. If that were to happen in Denver, the Denver Broncos would be sold out with everyone showing up for every game. Instead, we’ll see sellouts with thousands of no shows. But its still okay to clown on the Chargers for having AI fans filling their stands.