Broncos 2023 Season = Suck for Shedeur Sanders

It was clear on Sunday that Sean Payton has no faith in Russell Wilson to be anything other than an Alex Smith type game manager, and if that continues throughout the season then the Broncos will be lucky to match their win total from last year, and hopefully they don't so that they don't have to give up future picks for the right to move up and draft the franchise QB that the Broncos need to finally bring this sinking ship back to the surface. And yea, Caleb Williams looks like he will be great too, but he has red flags in the character department that Shedeur does not have (see Caleb Williams fingernails vs Utah in 2022). As for Drake Maye, I'm not as sure as I am with Sanders, and it still stings letting QB Josh Allen get away & go on to do what he has done after watching him develop just across the Colorado border, and missing out on Josh Allen would be a minor sting compared to the pain that Broncos Country would feel if they had a shot at the best QB in Colorado Buffs and Colorado college football history and then just let him go on to greatness anywhere but the mile high city.

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