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Power Rankings around the league: Broncos rank near the bottom of the league

After a week one loss to the Las Vegas Raiders, the Denver Broncos rank near the bottom of the league in most power rankings.

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Los Vegas Raiders v Denver Broncos Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

Week one of the regular season is in the book and unfortunately, the Broncos started this season like they did last season. They are 0-1 after losing 16-17(like they did last year in week one) to the Las Vegas Raiders and will now look to improve to 1-1 this weekend vs. the 1-0 Washington Commanders.

In the power rankings, well, analysts already were not very high on the Broncos and now that they are a 0-1 team that looked a bit like they did last season, they are pretty low in the rankings. Of the major sites that do power rankings, the highest the Broncos were ranked was 20th while the lowest was 27th. Most had them around 25th in their rankings which is not where you want to be.

So, here are where the Denver Broncos rank in the power rankings around the league after their week one loss to the Las Vegas Raiders.

ESPN: 26th

26. Denver Broncos (0-1)

When the Broncos passed on a deep class of running backs in the draft and signed Perine in free agency, many were still waiting for the Broncos to make another move. They didn’t because, in short, they like Perine more than some thought they would. He averaged 5.1 yards per carry in the opening week loss to the Raiders, had the team’s longest run of the day (12 yards), showed quality power, caught four passes and was their best back in pass protection. None of it was flashy, but all of it will continue to keep him busy in the Broncos’ offense. — Jeff Legwold

CBS Sports: 26th

Russell Wilson completed a lot of passes, but the ball didn’t go down the field enough. That has to change. 20th

The Broncos looked like a slightly cleaner version of what they were a year ago in Sunday’s loss to the Raiders. (Yes, I realize that’s about as nice a compliment as “you’ve lost some weight!”) But ultimately, they lost another game they had ample chances to win — a theme that was drilled home time after painful time last season. The lack of trustworthy weaponry worries me. Russell Wilson started the game cleanly, hitting 17 of his first 19 passes with two TDs, yet the Broncos ran out of gas thereafter. Ten penalties certainly hurt, but the lack of big-play threats with WR Jerry Jeudy sidelined for this game and TE Greg Dulcich knocked out with an injury felt stark. This wasn’t a horrific start for the Sean Payton era, but it felt similar to an era most Broncos fans want to forget.

Yahoo Sports: 27th

Russell Wilson was fine, but he wasn’t good. He completed a lot of passes for not many yards. Denver scored 16 points on offense against a Raiders defense that probably won’t be good this season. It’s just hard to be excited about Denver’s offense. It looked different than last season, but it was still ineffective.

Sporting News: 25th

What was that? Russell Wilson and the offense still looked blah and the Broncos couldn’t get out of their own way to overcome a tiny deficit. Payton has a lot more work to do to make them more competitive post-Nathaniel Hackett.

USA Today: 25th

25. Broncos (19): Rough debut for recently added K Wil Lutz, who missed a field goal and extra point in Denver’s 17-16 loss.

Bleacher Report: 27th

Things were supposed to be different in Denver this season. With new head coach Sean Payton in town, Denver’s league-worst scoring offense was going to start racking up points. Quarterback Russell Wilson was going to look more like the perennial Pro Bowler we saw in Seattle and less like the player who struggled so mightily in 2022.

Wilson didn’t throw for a tom of yardage (177) against the Raiders, but he threw only seven incompletions in 34 attempts, tossed two touchdown passes and posted a passer rating of 108. However, the Broncos’ ground game gained only 94 yards on 22 carries.

All told, Denver amassed just 260 yards of total offense. After the game, wide receiver Courtland Sutton made it clear to reporters that Denver isn’t interested in improved play unless it results in wins.

“We started off hot, but unfortunately, we weren’t able to get the job done,’’ said Sutton. “At the end of the day, the moral victories, I’m kind of just pushing those to the side. It’s more of just getting the job done, and we weren’t able to get that done.”

“The Broncos had their chances to win this game—Wil Lutz missed an extra point and a long field goal,” Davenport said. “And if you’re the glass-half-full type, there were improvements relative to last year’s mess of a team.

“But at the end of the day, there may not be that much separating last year’s Broncos from this year’s. Both are also-rans who will finish under .500 and be non-factors in the AFC West.”

Pro Football Talk: 25th

25. Broncos (0-1, No. 23): Despite the outcome, it looked better than last year. It couldn’t look much worse.

Fox Sports: 22nd

It’s a step in the right direction that the Broncos were at least watchable in their Week 1 loss to Vegas. Russell Wilson was clean and competent, but it’s fair to wonder if dinking and dunking to the tune of 5.2 yards per attempt is going to be good enough. Ultimately, Denver once again failed to crack 20 points.

The Athletic: 27th

Sean Payton owes Nathaniel Hackett an apology. The Broncos’ new boss coached quarterback Russell Wilson to a 177-yard day with two touchdowns and no interceptions in a 17-16 loss on Sunday. Last year, then-Denver coach Hackett coached Wilson to a 340-yard day in a 17-16 loss in the opener. Seems like Advantage Hackett, who was laughed out of town not long after that game.