Obviously took a break for a while, on hiatus or whatever would call it. Have been negotiating with myself on time value and energy issues so have come up with hopefully a solution to my inability to cope with my OCD as it relates to MHR comments and of course my verbosity. So, there's nobody to blame but myself on needing a rest and figuring out a path forward - my conclusion - do a post weekly. If anyone reads it or comments great - if not that's okay too. It's an attempt of my own to get the football overload off my chest each week on Thursday mornings for the prior week's action & upcoming week. It is my goal rather than commenting day after day on the MHR board and quite frankly being a bore to MHR readers and myself at times. My hope is this post will not be just another Chat GP or chalk talk type of read - more hoping for another viewpoint and at times contrarian and not limited to just Bronco talk or Homerville either as that's not going to improve anyone's ideas or knowledge in the process of evaluating where the Broncos are at this time. Am not also going to be a "negative nellie" though have my concerns that tend to be in line with what Broncoman's post was a few days ago concerning a rather dull and uninspiring roster when taken on the totality of the NFL as a whole. Thanks to those that have asked about or opined on my health or concerns. As an aside saw my favorite blogger Mahoney wrote one the other day and super to see him back as well - will say kind of inspired me to do the same on some level. In the end am like everyone else dealing with issues every day and am grateful at 5am when can swing outta the sack and start up the coffee!

I'll try to focus on three things that am into - first is the Bronco self-scouting report- second is the AFC West and overall picture of the NFL and lastly is the NCAA in a commentary of what am seeing for that week that matters. Am going to make this as non-technical as possible and easy to read as love Mahoney's reads but also want this to be more notebook and a pencil oriented for the average fan to digest. Am also hoping to bring in some anecdotal and humor to these posts weekly. With all of that let's get started:

Week One Bronco's Overview:


QB: Wilson showed ability to swivel hips this first game that did not see last year and swerve out of the pocket into the roll outs successfully more often than not. His accuracy was effective, and the most important stat was on the intermediate routes Wilson was 6 out of 8 on completions. That matters as the intermediate routes are the hardest for an NFL QB to complete with accuracy consistently, a 75% completion rate in that range is impressive. Wilson also played the full game of almost 70 snaps on offense and wasn't mauled or jack hammered taking unreal punishment - that's positive.

RB: JaVonte is just a super freak - James Brown would be proud - not only playing snaps but throwing the brace in the trash. Who knows if either are good decisions or not, yet so wonderful to see the kid running with the football - obviously what he needs to do and that's what matters. Perine showed out as a very capable backup and RB1 as needed, a durable rugged three down guy, can do it all, run a bit, catch passes and wow pass pro off the charts as he was standing up LB & safeties.

Receivers: WR1 Sutton had a 50/50 ball that showed a bit of juice, not a highball but at the catch point out fought a DB for a catch that really the DB had the momentum moving toward the ball, but Sutton reached out and snatched it - a positive. TE Trautman showed solid hands and blocking skills though lacks any speed or swivel to avoid tacklers strictly a run them over or is down type of receiver. The most positive IMO was Li'l Jordan Humphrey's TD catch an intermediate rollout with Humphrey cutting across a defender's face - no big deal - why so impressed. Two reasons firstly are that the Bronco's IMO cannot look to Sutton as a WR1 as need him to be more the possession receiver at this point in his career. With the loss of Dulcich and have pointed out his inability to get on the field prior as a concern and the absolute travesty IMO of moving on from Big O you then have a huge hole to fill. Humphrey didn't just run a solid route; he caught a fastball from basically ten yards that I felt RW put too much on it as figured would potentially bounce off into hopefully the stands. Instead with those monster mitts of his and even a bit behind him he smothered that ball - Big Time positive. Is Humphrey an athletic, speedy receiver that's gonna beat the DB's - heck no, but he's got the size & mitts that matter!

O-line: Really felt that the starting unit did Yeomans work with of course Cush being the weak link yet didn't see him getting blown up like last year. Was he a problem at times, yes, he couldn't slide step his gaps but again don't remember a A gap blitz being in RW's face as soon as the ball got to him that happened way too many times last year. The best O-lineman's game in my opinion was RG Meinerz, he also had the best three keystone cops' moment when he was about 5 yards downfield seeking out a second level block, had no idea where JaVonte was, and out of the crease popped JaVonte, smacked Meinerz on his azz indicating come on buddy let's roll. Meinerz immediately turned forward and they both powered forward another five yards - was a hilarious moment and perfectly explains the chaos in the trash that occurs on running plays in the NFL trenches. Honorable mention is McGlinchey as I didn't see his play as weak as some did - saw him working an effective slide step and his weakness the back end of the cup he seemed to not be porous there this game, he also had an amazing comeback reach block that I don't think many tackles could have made inside the A gap, I honestly thought it was a TE making that block.


DB's: CB Mathis as a CB2 is taking massive heat - welcome to the NFL as a starting CB young man. Personally love this kid, he's a classic scrappy little bastard. Yet, have always felt he's playing out of position as when drafted saw him as the type to be an outstanding slot CB - I haven't changed that opine. They need Moss to get onto the field and take the CB2 role, can he - from the film at Iowa would indicate has a better shot than Mathis - why, just as athletic if not more so, he's also a fighter and here's the biggie - it's all about big - Mathis looked like a toy for Jakobi to play with, just a small Chihuahua whereas Moss offers better size to handle the 6' and above NFL giraffes. I realize Moss is listed at 6' and Mathis at 5'11" yet Moss seems to play bigger and maybe that's due to his greater athleticism, there's not anything to look at in the backups Moreau or Smith other than JAGS which isn't a bad thing as can come in and play as needed but not as starters most likely. Safety my gawd please let Sterns catch a break - that said my hope is that either Skinner or Turner-Yell do as Sterns has as when given the opportunity made plays. Am not a K-Jax hater, just feel would be a better situation if can find another solution with K-Jax as the backup to come in if needed as it's gonna be a problem with his lack of range going forward.

LB: Loved the ILB play in general - Singleton and Jewell did a masterful job holding Jacobs down and shutting off the RB that's bedeviled the Broncos. Would I put Sanders in at this point - maybe - I do think that the play Singleton missed on with Jimmy G making the third down scramble for a back breaking first down would have had a chance with Sanders make up speed to get him out before the first down potentially - that said am not in the building so cannot speak to where Sanders is in his discipline and gap reading.

Edge: Yeesh - what is there to say. Yes, Jimmy G like Carr gets the ball out "too quick" for the defense - easy excuse as the fact of the matter is the pressure just wasn't there. Was the D-line and edge given a mission to get after Jimmy G or not - that's the concern has more than the inability - am wondering with the Raiduhs dancing bears not looking like they were overly stressed am not sure there was a concerted effort by VJ to actually get to Jimmy G. That's what bothers me the most.

Special Teams: Yeesh, well HC Payton too cute by half. First game back and wanted to make a mark, took one instead. That said with calling in punters this week and a FG kicker that went 1-3 on kicks, including a missed extra point - yeah, well that's salt in the wound.

Overall Analysis:

The Broncos were my prediction at worst a 7-10 team and at best a 9-8 team for 2023, just didn't see this roster and RW's lack of dynamism having a double digit win season or playoffs in play this year. That's not changed after week one. I didn't see the Raiduhs as a week one win, and also not a loss - saw it as what see the majority of the schedule as 50/50 games until of course they're not meaning if either the Bronco's offense takes hold and scores over 20pts per game then they could surprise, also if RW is lacking and the offense spirals yet downward they could rival the 5-12 of last year. So, the Commanders in week two, have been warning buddies since schedule was announced - don't take the Commanders as a guaranteed win - I think this will be a massive test for RW, the Commanders play defense. At this point in his career would I take RW over Sam Howell - am not sure that I would. With the Commanders coaching staff of HC Rivera, DC Del Rio and OC Bienemy this is a seasoned crew that knows what the NFL is about - am not sure the Bronco's even have the coaching edge with Payton being the standout for the Broncos against that staff.


Let's first off go for keeping that damn injury bug at bay - my gawd this franchise is skewing the injury odds on the wrong end of the stick - doesn't take a Mahoney diagram to figure that one out - let's keep the guys on the field and get a few back - looking at you CB2 Moss and WR1 Jeudy in particular. If Mathis isn't able to keep it held it down this week, then wouldn't have an issue with pushing the slot CB Bassey to the CB2 role or McMillan getting a shot - the coaching staff should know more about that with practice this week where Mathis game is and whether a change in starters is needed. Though RB McLaughlin looked like Montrell last week going from the preseason to the regular season as a standout the reality is when NFL players show up it's a different game. McLaughlin was stuffed the few times touched the ball - they were on checkdowns and though he couldn't make a move to get free, am still thinking he needs to be a part of the game plan to create chunk plays. One of two things on D needs to happen - either VJ gets his head outta his azz and frees up the edge and D-line to get after the QB or Payton takes over the calls as needed as to blitzes and playing aggressive on the D-line not standing around in a contain type of gameplan. That was awful and cannot continue as Jimmy G is a JAG not an elite QB. Howell's not a major QB threat either, yet you need to get after him, or he'll pick the DB's apart as will any NFL level QB. I'd also look for packages to bring Sanders in on dime in particular and see if that both helps in coverage on back end and potentially on edge rush or inside blitzes.

RW has to be better - he wasn't last year bad - yet he was what sadly see him as at this point - at best somewhere around a 15-20 QBR NFL player. That's just not gonna cut it for the price paid and a franchise QB he is not. If he plays marginally better, they can beat the Commanders, if plays as last week, it's gonna be a grind and could very well be 0-2 heading into week three.


All hail the King is DEAD - the Chiefs lost, and the AFC is wide open - yeah right! A week one loss is nothing to get overly worried about - if you're a playoff or even better yet SB contender which obviously the Broncos are not. The chefs showed their weakness in game one which is obviously they too lack playmakers and Mahomes looks human when his number one playmaker Kelce is eating hot dogs on the sidelines. The Chargers super impressed me, they're scary and though they couldn't close the deal - another issue they seem to keep having - their ability with Herbert to score at will is off the charts. The receiving corps is there and the ability to move the sticks reminds me somewhat of the SB winning years with Elway - I think they're gonna give the chefs all they want this season and could easily be the division winner in 2023. Raiduhs and Broncos I see sadly for both as being in the top ten in the NFL draft for 2023 - thankfully this year Denver has the right to own their draft picks. The Raiduh's may lose a lot this season, yet Jimmy G never will - why you ask - because every morning when Jimmy G wakes up & goes to take a leak he stops for a minute - looks in that bathroom mirror and broadly smiles saying - I'm Jimmy G and you're not!

The AFC East is a mess - the Bills are about a minute away from collapse if Josh cannot get his head on straight. The Patriots are gonna play tough, but they like the Bronco's lack speed and playmakers, realistically the Jets without Rodgers is just not gonna be a playoff caliber team as great a running game, and like Javonte so great to see Hall back and super D they just won't be able to score enough points IMO to win that division. The Dolphins have a cake walk IF of course they have Tua for a whole season.

The AFC North is in flux with the Browns showing some muscle, so messed up to see Dobbins go down - again, and the stealers are going to adjust, they'll be the stealers. The question is the Bengals - is Burrow's injury going to drag down that offense to a crawl. If Burrow's not stable enough to plant and throw - well, we just saw the result.

AFC South is gonna be fun to watch this season - the jagwads are of course the odds-on favorite for one heckuva a reason. Was not sure where Ridley's game was gonna be at when went to the jagwads as not playing for extended periods of time is not the best way to ensure one's ability to continue as a true "playmaker" in the NFL and we've seen a number of receivers with mediocre results coming back from long-term injuries or suspensions. Ridley at least for week one passed the test big time. Ridley's gonna be a problem and the AFC South is the jagwads for the taking. If the jagwads screw it up, then the reality is neither the Colts or Titans do see as having a lock on being that next guy up. As much as I like Vrabel and the Titans running game am concerned about the QB in Indy - this kid just oozes confidence for a reason - he's a freakin' stud amongst studs. He's bigger, stronger and faster than Fields and if he gets his game plan understood and plays like an NFL QB - oh my gawd - watch out. The Texans will upset a few teams, be a bit better but still need so many holes filled before they are relevant.

NFC is basically a lesser than conference, we all know that - yet they can win the SB easily with a 49'ers team playing at a high level, the Cowboys have to work on a few things and maintain consistency, yet this could be their year. The Iggles looked a bit stagnant against the Patriots but they're gonna be getting it in line and will dominate most teams on the ground and in the air, and that defense isn't going to be intimidated either. Good to see Carroll get his ass handed to him - can't stand that guy. Watch out for the Saints, with Carr's quick release and fast paced offense they're gonna score points. If you're looking for a Darkhorse in the NFC, look no further than this week's Broncos opponents - the Commanders.

The NFL is on fire out the gate. Super psyched about Jordan Love and when the comparisons roll in which they already are with his rival Justin Fields - well that's just gonna get worse not better as Love looks like an NFL QB with a plan and Fields just looks like an athlete trying to play QB. The 49'ers are just too much for school - what is going on with this team, they totally f*ck up their draft on Trey Lance and lose like the Broncos in a shell game giving away booty for nothing and then wind up with Mr. Irrelevant showing out as the reincarnation of Joe Montana. If Purday stays healthy, they roll and don't see it stopping until they hit the SB and hard - they're flat-out bullies. Come on who goes to Pittsburgh and just butt rolls Tomlin and the stealers - not even the Ravens have busted them that hard.


Wyoming Cowboys play Texas - can they pull another upset on a second Texas team - uh, no not at all likely. Am hoping the Cowboys go to Austin and play a respectable game at least in the first half, come out injury free would be fantastic and get to learn some about what it takes to play at the top level this year in the NCAA Division I football games.

CU is an amazing story - Prime Time is intoxicating and has brought life into a moribund stadium now been a grave site for years. Am so happy that Prime decided for whatever reason to come to Boulder as heard he really wanted the FSU gig, but they passed him by - hey their loss and CU's gain. Am not a major CU fan but am a Rocky mountain sports fan so it's great to see these kids put the Rockies out on the screen as must watch TV on Saturday's. Thx Prime we owe ya big time buddy - even if it's just for a season or two!

As to the other games - tonight's tilt gives fans an opportunity to checkout #22 Miami that for those unaware has Oregon's former coach Christobal as their HC and they're a rising team. Early Saturday #3 FSU so they're on a major comeback from the college football wilderness plays one of my favorite teams BC which BC like WY undermanned but gutty could give FSU a challenge at least in the first half. There are so many other games of interest to view won't go into details on each game just will say college football regardless of all the craziness that's occurred in the conference mish mashing is just fine - the game is exciting as heck!

One last thing - Washington State play UNC on Saturday - why does that matter - Washington State is a soon to be former PAC-12 Div I school with a 2-0 record and a pretty good team vs quite honestly not a very good Univ or Northern Colorado team at 0-2. This would make the UNC season to upset a Div I school - not exactly Appalachian State upsetting a ranked Michigan level of course, yet a major boost to a once proud national championship winning program. UNC could really use the boost big time so hoping for the best!

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