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Sean Payton comments on devastating loss

The head coach says he can’t change that the Broncos are starting 0-2, but he can change how they approach the next game.

NFL: Washington Commanders at Denver Broncos Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

After what seemed like a secure victory in the first half, the Denver Broncos fell 33-35 to the Washington Commanders and lost their second game in a row, leaving them 0-2.

Devastating may seem like a dramatic term; but when you go from jumping in excitement at the prospect of a win, to just sitting silently in your chair as you accept yet another defeat in a pileup of losing seasons, “devastating” unfortunately fits.

This is supposed to be the year. This is supposed to be the coach. This team and lineup of leadership is what we’ve been [not so] cautiously leaning on for hope of our franchise’s future.

And yet, we’re still at the very beginning of our season. Nothing truly devastating has happened yet, and I have to remind myself of that.

Head coach Sean Payton is aware of this disappointment and no doubt feels it heavily, even more so given that he and his team brought it on. In his opening statement, he noted their defensive play was “poor” and that offensively, they were all slow with communication.

Inevitably, he was asked about safety Kareem Jackson’s ejection, and more particularly about what sort of disciplinary actions it will lead to as well as team morale following the incident.

In case you missed the hit on Washington TE Logan Thomas, this is what disqualified Jackson from the rest of today’s contest:

Regarding the possibility of a suspension for Jackson, Payton admitted that he didn’t have an answer. “Gosh, I don’t have an answer for you. Those things happen so quickly from my vantage point. You just get to see it one time. You look up and—they make the call, and you have to go with it.”

Despite the downturn of today’s events, the head coach doesn’t see the team becoming deflated. According to him, it’s just a “matter of football.”

“Listen, you have to ask them, relative to—I don’t think anyone’s getting deflated. It’s just a matter of the game of football.”

Reminded by one reporter that 0-2 starts usually don’t indicate a great season ahead for any team, Payton heard it out. “I get it, and I get that we’re going to write and talk about it,” he confessed.

“I can’t change that we’re 0-2, but I can certainly change how we approach the next game and prepare to play the third game. That’s all we can do.”